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The Beauty Store Business Magazine is written for beauty stylists, salon owners, cosmetologists, and retailers. The targetĀ is not limited to just these titles, it is open to the public for experience and information.

Here you will get the up to date business news and industry changes. Each issue offers the upcoming news as well as the rules and guidelines that you should continue to be following throughout the beauty industry experience.

Careers in the beauty industry are always changing and always innovating new and impressive products and launches. Keep up to date and on your toes to stay on the top of your game.

Learn what other people have to say about all of the products in the industry through the professional product reviews that the publication has to offer. Within the magazine some of the latest beauty trendsĀ are revealed.

In order to be prosperous in the beauty business, you have to keep your style updated and be aware of the constantly changing trends. It is all about staying healthy and unique. Whether you want long eyelashes and beautiful full eyebrows, or bleach blonde hair with lowlights, subscribe to see all the how-to’s and professional tips.

Among the many products reviewed there are some for hair, skin, nails, cosmetics, men, women, and more. The magazine is not limited to a certain aspect of the industry, it is rather an overall mass of information that is extremely helpful to the creative side of the brain.

You can access a calendar of the upcoming issues online and you are just one click away from getting an issue delivered to your front door everyday! Indie Beauty Expo is featured and the events have been announced on behalf of the magazine. Indie Beauty Expo is one of the top leading brands in the nation. Learn about their events on the magazines website.

Do you love the Naked pallets? Read the reviews and what the experts have to say about the color and texture of all of the eye shadows. Want a new hair style? Creative Age Communications is perfect for that and won’t leave you feeling clueless about which direction to go. Do you want a new idea for acrylic nails? Learn all there is to know about how to do your nails and the best places to get them done.

Every salon owner and beauty store owner needs a foundation in business and management. Along with the tips on beauty management, finances are explained and put together in an easy to understand context. Get the top of the line magazine now and learn from the experts about the products, customers, and business aspects of the industry.


Top Contributors

Marc Birenbaum:

Marc Birenbaum is working as the executive director for the Beauty Store Business Magazine. He attended Washington and Lee University.

Stephanie Yaggy Lavery:

Stephanie Yaggy Lavery currently serves as the editorial director for Creative Age Publications. She also works as the editor in chief for the Nail It! Magazine and the executive editor for NAILPRO Magazine. She previously worked as an associate beauty editor for Woman’s World, in corporate communications for McGraw Hill Companies, and as a managing editor for Platinum Magazine. She attended Syracuse University to earn her bachelor’s degree in English and later went to Boston University to obtain a master’s in Journalism.

Breanna Armstrong:

Breanna Armstrong is the managing editor for Creative Age Publications. She used to work as the editor in chief for Engaged Media Inc., a managing editor for Beckett Media, and a contributing writer for Ultimate MMA Magazine. She received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the California Baptist University.

Manyesha Batist:

Manyesha Batist works as a senior editor for the Creative Age Publications. Prior to working at Creative Age, she worked as an assistant managing editor for Virgo Publishing Inc., and a staff editor for the Neurosurgery Journal. She went to California State University-Northridge and earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism.


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Creative Age Communications

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