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The Biz New Orleans magazine gives an inside look at everything that is happening with the business world in and around the New Orleans area.

Get the scoop on “Inside the Industry”. With a subscription to Biz New Orleans, you can get helpful tips that touch on financial planning, business litigation, retail, education, etc.

Biz New Orleans Magazine has been published since 2005 and has become one of the top publications that informs readers in America of the business in New Orleans.

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Top Contributors

Errol Laborde:

Errol Laborde currently works as the editor in chief for Renaissance Publishing. He is a producer and frequent panelist on the Informed Sources broadcast. Three different times, Laborde has won the Alex Waller Award by the New Orleans Press Club. He went to the University of New Orleans and now holds his Ph.D. in political science.

Kimberley Singletary:

Kimberley Singletary is the managing editor for the Biz New Orleans Magazine. Singletary has over 15 years of experience in the business of magazines. She earned her bachelor’s degree from California State University Long Beach.

Todd Matherne:

Todd Matherne is currently the publisher for Biz New Orleans and the Chief Executive Officer for Renaissance Publishing. Matherne graduated from the University of New Orleans. Some of Todd’s specialities include journalism, public relations, social media marketing, and web content. In the past, Matherne has worked as the COO at MCMedia. For Biz New Orleans Magazine, Todd Matherne wrote an article titled “First Milestones: A Publisher’s Note”.

Judi Russell:

Judi Russell works as an independent writing professional, along with editing. She graduated from the University of New Orleans. Judi Russell enjoys freelance writing, editing, and copywriting. In the past, she has worked for daily newspapers and weekly newspapers, along with nonprofits and magazines. Russell wrote an article for Biz New Orleans entitled “Answering the Call”, an article covering the topic of Alzheimer’s.

Erin Shaw:

Erin Shaw is self employed as a writer, editor, and web designer for her company called Erin Shaw Creative. Shaw attended Chapman University and San Francisco State University. Shaw specializes in event management, social media marketing, and public relations. In the past, she has worked as a director of client relations and as the creative director for Glass Slipper Events, which she also founded as well. Erin Shaw wrote an article for Biz titled “Losing Touch”.

Peter Reichard:

Peter Reichard is currently the director of research at the Bureau of Government Research. Reichard graduated from Fordham University and Loyola University New Orleans. Some of Reichard’s specialities include non-profit, project management, fundraising, and research. In the past, Reichard has worked as an editor-in-chief, copy editor, and as a managing editor. Peter Reichard wrote an article for Biz New Orleans entitled “A New Year Brings New Eats”, an article about different varying restaurants in New Orleans.

Suzanne Whitaker:

Suzanne Whitaker is currently a marketing communications executive. Whitaker graduated from California State University-Northridge and Seton Hall University. Suzanne specializes in media relations, crisis communications, communications planning, and speech writing. In the past, she has worked as a director of communications and as a senior communications specialist. Suzanne Whitaker wrote an article for Biz New Orleans titled “Go Red This Month”, an article about raising awareness on the topic of heart disease.

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