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Corporate Board Member Magazine is geared towards all business administrators and executives. For nearly 18 years, corporate business members have been staying in tune to all of the different tools and advice the magazine has to offer.

In the issues themselves, you can find anything imaginable to help your board grow and be more successful in the decisions that you are making.

In this new day and age not everyone prefers to receive a print copy of a magazine, so Corporate Board Member Magazine is also available to you in a digital form.

With a subscription, in addition to the magazines you will receive, you have the option to get monthly newsletters as well. Newsletters are a great way to hear stories that directly relate to everything you are doing as a board member. You will hear about issues such as planning, different board fads, risk management, etc.

Michael Kalkstein, the director of The Cooper Companies, headquartered in Pleasanton, CA has nothing but good things to say about the Corporate Board Member Magazine. He believes that the Corporate Board Member Magazine is an “excellent resource with both broad and deep content on many relevant subjects of interest to directors.” This is valuable feedback, seeing that Kalkstein is a director himself.

Subscribe to this publication to see for yourself whether this is a useful resource that you and the other board members can utilize to help better your company.

Top Contributors

Deborah Scally:

Deborah Scally is currently serving as an editor and director of publications for the Corporate Board Member magazine. She works to plan, edit and produce each publication of the magazine. Before working for NYSE on the Corporate Board Member magazine, she worked as the editor of the Bank Director magazine. She attended Middle Tennessee State University and received a Bachelor’s degree of science. She also attended St. John’s College to earn a master’s in liberal arts.

Ty Francis:

Ty Francis is not only the Vice President of the Corporate Board Member magazine, but he also is the associate publisher. Before becoming a part of the team at NYSE, he worked for numerous other business finance and insurance magazines. After attending Southampton Solent University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, he attended Yale University to study print and digital publishing.

Laura J. Finn:

Laura J. Finn is presently the editor of in which she supervises the content writing, posting and editing on their web page. For nearly 10 years she has been writing and editing business governance stories. In addition to editing the website, she also controls all of the blogs associated with Finn leads each Board Governance Series for the Boardroom Channel on the website and the print magazine. She used to work as the assistant editor for the Corporate Board Member magazine before becoming the web editor. She went to Villanova University to earn a bachelor’s in english and she also went to St. John’s University to obtain a master’s degree in liberal arts.

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