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For over 30 years, Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine has been the top rated online and printed source that provides subscribers with information, news, and insight in the Northeastern Ohio area. Their goal is to send reporters to gather information that business leaders and CEOs will find important.

It is noted by readers, that the content they are reading in different issues each week, is unique and pertinent information that they find useful to their businesses, that no other resource has to offer.

With the influential business audience that Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine has, you can increase your business revenue and establish connections to benefit your business.

Alan Zang, president of the Northern Ohio US Bank refers to Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine as “an important lifeline for the Northeast Ohio business community.”

You can learn stories from other CEO’s and business owners of how they got to the top of their game that might be helpful to you and your business.

Over 21,000 subscribers a week are receiving not only the magazines themselves, but also the knowledge and wisdom from other successful company administrators through this publication. 

Through a Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine subscription you too, can be up to date on all of the latest business news and upcoming events.

About the Authors

John Campanelli:

John Campanelli is the publisher for Crain’s Cleveland Business since 2013. Before coming to Crain’s Cleveland Business, he was working for Crain Communications’ Waste & Recycling News as the editor. For more than 13 years he was a reporter and editor of The Plain Dealer.

Scott Suttell:

In 1995, Scott Suttell became part of the Crain’s team and took position of the sections editor. He worked his way up and eventually became the managing editor in 2000. He is currently in charge of supervising the newsroom operations at Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Kevin Kleps:

Joining Crain’s in 2013, Kevin Kleps became the assistant editor for Crain’s Cleveland Business. Prior to getting a position at Crain’s, he worked for 13 years at The News-Herald, as an assistant sports editor. He also served as a sports writer for 4 years at The Meadville Tribune. He graduated from Edinboro University earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Speech.

Timothy Magaw:

Timothy Magaw is currently the sections editor for Crain’s Business. Prior to becoming the sections editor, Magaw was a higher education and health care reporter for 5 years. He graduated from Kent State University gaining a bachelor’s in newspaper journalism and then graduated from the University of Illinois and earned a master’s in public affairs reporting. Aside from the work he has done at Crain’s he has also contributed writing for the Columbus Dispatch, the Arlington Heights Daily Herald and the AARP magazine.

Sue Walton:

Early in 2015 Sue Walton took on the role of associate editor for Crain’s Cleveland Business. For 15 years before working for Crain’s she was a page designer, writer and editor for The Plain Dealer. She also has a background working for many other different magazines.

Stan Bullard:

Stan Bullard became a part of the Crain’s staff in 1986 and currently holds the title of senior reporter. He is responsible for reporting on real estate, construction and development in the Northeastern Ohio region.

Lee Chilcote:

Lee Chilcote contributes to Crain’s Cleveland business and has written and performed as an editor for many different companies such as Belt, Vanity Fair and many others. Right now he works for Fresh Water Cleveland as the managing editor.

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