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Home Accents Today Magazine is one of the leading magazines and resources for home accents. It is written for retailers, home decor manufacturers, suppliers, and those in the home decor industry.

The best strategies and tid-bits found in every issue are there to help you to run your business more successfully. Get the inside look at all the new products and trends in the market. Tips on profit gain and how to run your business more proficiently are broken down and explained in ways that are not over your head.

The home furnishing field of business can be rather competitive. Get to know all of the things to avoid and the things to grab hold of while running and working for the business. You want to learn all there is to know about casual and home accents. There is more to learn every day because the trends and fashions are always changing.

Specials about industry research and inside information is included in every issue as well as trade show news, store operations, and product categories. This magazine analyses the importance of certain decorations such as lighting, walls, accessories, tabletop decor, lamps, and more.

Interior designers will benefit greatly from a subscription to this publication because of the vast amount of insight and professional photography of real homes and apartments. Interior and exterior designers often need a visual, and there are great and colorful pictures included in this magazine that might help.

If the monthly magazine is not enough or if you want more information, you can follow the magazine online for new and exciting home decor everyday. Delivered to your front step every month, this is the best guideline for the home accent business and interior design industry.

Top Contributors

Jenny Heinzen York:

Jenny Heinzen York is the Editor-in-chief for the Home Accents Today Magazine. She graduated from the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received her expertise in publishing. She has worked in the furniture field as an experienced writer and publisher. She has been an editor since 1996, and her experience has gained her the job as editor-in-chief. Her top skills are in the journalism and editing fields.

Alexa Boschini:

Alexa Boschini is an associate editor for Home Accents Today Magazine. Previously, she has worked at Casual Living and worked for ItsJustMovies.com. She has a background in print journalism and online reporting, with additional background in media. She has been writing for many years and her work for the company is a great feature.

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