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Home Business Magazine is the perfect magazine for anyone considering starting their own business based out of their own home.

Home Business Magazine is the leading magazine in the field of entrepreneurs that want to start their business. Some of the topics discussed in their issues are marketing and sales, how to fundraise and raise financials, starting up social media, interviews with many experts in this line of industry, setting up your home office, and much more!

HBM is a great resource for those to get the ins and outs of running a prosperous business from home. With a subscription, you can learn from those who know about generating income from inside your own home.

Digital and printed advertising is available to you so that you can get your business or product out there to be seen by many.

Top Contributors

Sherilyn Colleen:

Sherilyn Colleen is currently the editor at Home Business Magazine. Colleen attended Loyola Marymount University. Sherilyn Colleen wrote a recent article for the magazine entitled “Spend the Money Right By Designing Your Own Website”.  

Shannan Mills:

Shannan Mills is the current division manager at the National Firefighter Wildland Corporation. Mills graduated from University of Maryland College Park. Her specialties include fire management, marketing strategy, team leadership, and event planning. In the past, Shannan has worked as a board member and the president of the Eugene Active 20-30 club. For the Home Business Magazine, Shannan Mills wrote an article titled “Fact or Fiction: Is Your Home Business Safe From Fires?”  

Klaus Schneegans:

Klaus Schneegans is currently the CFO and founder of Buzz 360. Schneegans attended school at Fachhochschule Aachen and graduated with his degree in Business Administration and Management. His specialties include integration, business intelligence, and management consulting. In the past, Klaus Schneegans has worked as an export manager, business developement manager, and a manager at SAP. Schneegans wrote an article for Home Business entitled “Where Do Your Leads Spend Their Time? A Guide to Social Media Networks”.

Ken Courtright:

Ken Courtright is the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant and is a speaker and author of some best-sellers in the marketing category. Courtright is a graduate of the University of St. Francis. His specialities include social media marketing, online marketing, web project management, and email marketing. In the past, Courtright has worked as a consultant for MCI World Com. The article that Ken Courtright wrote from Home Business Magazine is titled “How to Make Money with a Blog”.  

Gary Clipperton:

Gary Clipperton is currently the president of the National Pro Clean Company. Clipperton graduated from Kirkwood Community College. His specialities include facilities management, budgets, operations management, and operations training. In the past, Gary has worked as a territory manager and as a sales representative. For the Home Business Magazine, Gary Clipperton wrote an article entitled “Stretch Those Startup Dollars”.  

Pam Lontos:

Pam Lontos is the president and owner of her own business, Pam Lontos Consulting. Pam is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. Her specialities include publicity, public relations, sales management, social media marketing, and entrepreneurship. In the past, Pam has worked as vice president of sales at Shamrock Broadcasting and as an author and speaker. For Home Business, Pam Lontos wrote an article entitled “10 Ways to Lose Money in Your Business”.

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