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San Francisco Business Times Magazine is a magazine committed to business persona located in the San Francisco area. Since 2008, the company has been working to provide their subscribers a new issue every week highlighting business news, headlines and company reports.

You can opt in to any one of their many daily newsletters, where you can receive event updates, morning news stories, or afternoon news stories.

As well as access to the San Francisco Business Times Magazine, you can also view 40 other business publications local to the San Francisco area.

With stories and information about many different prosperous individuals and companies, the San Francisco Business Times is rated the number one digital and print resource in the area.

The San Francisco Business Times has a wide variety of resources available for you to use. In addition to a printed issue every week, you can acquire even more news stories on their website, on blogs, at business events, from email newsletters and much much more!

Through the San Francisco Business Times magazine, you have the opportunity to learn decision making and investing tips from other millionaires to help you take your business to the next level. Earn exclusive access to different sponsorship possibilities and upcoming events such as The Best Places to Work, Mayors’ Economic Forecast and a variety of other events!

American City Business Journals covers many areas across the United States with different magazines for each particular region. From Atlanta to Baltimore to Portland there is an existing magazine for the majority of the major cities.

Each week more than 4 million viewers are influenced by reading the City Business newspapers.

Top Contributors

Patrick Chu:

Patrick Chu is the current editor in chief of the San Francisco Business Times and has been in that position since 2014. Previously he worked for Bloomberg News for over 16 years.

Jim Gardner:

Jim Gardner serves as the managing editor for the San Francisco Business Times. For nearly 22 years, Gardner has been supervising the online and print business news reports in the Bay Area.

Emily Fancher:

Emily Fancher, the senior editor at the San Francisco Business Times has been there for 10 years. She graduated from Brown University earning her Bachelor’s in History and Comparative Literature. She then went on to graduate from Columbia University- Graduate School of Journalism to earn a Master’s in Journalism. She has previously worked with the San Francisco Examiner and the San Mateo County Times as a reporter, for a combination of 4 years.

Marlize van Romburgh:

Marlize van Romburgh is currently the special projects editor at the San Francisco Business Times and has held this position for almost a year. Before joining the San Francisco Business Times, Romburgh was the managing editor, finance and real estate editor, and the assistant managing editor for the Pacific Coast Business Times and the editor in chief of the Mustang Daily.

Mark Calvey:

Mark Calvey is a senior reporter for the San Francisco Business Times covering banking and finance. He has been with the SF Business times for roughly 20 years. Over the years, Calvey held some interviews with some of the best financiers in the San Francisco area and a long list of different influential CEOs. Calvey formerly held reporting or editing positions at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Charlotte Observer, the Palm Beach Post and the Investor’s Business Daily.

Julia Cooper:

For 3 years Julia Cooper has held a position at the San Francisco Business Times as a researcher. She attended San Jose State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Before coming to the SF Business Times, she was the editorial assistant of Performer Magazine, a researcher and proofreader for the San Jose Business Journal, and a freelance writer in the Bay Area.

Annie Gaus:

Annie Gaus is one of the tech reporters at the San Francisco Business Times covering everything tech related in the San Francisco region. She previously held jobs at the Discovery Digital Networks, Revision3/Discovery Communications and at San Francisco State University.

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