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Spaced Out Magazine is also known as SOM magazine. It has an incredible growth rate since its release in 2011, due to the entertainment and the pure attraction to the content in the magazine. Spaced Out Magazine aims to change the world of media.

SOM is focused on the music business and entertainment world. Each magazine issue offers many more opportunities and open doors to the music industry and keeps them open for opportunities and new talent to emerge.

The topics related to the business include insurance, legal, finance, travel, style, hair salons, music entertainment, food attraction and places to eat, personal accessories and body art, and medical. It offers news about new music, upcoming albums, drama and more about the current and uprising celebrities.

Not only the business field is reached with the music but also movies, sports and games tying in somehow to the layout of spaced out magazine. The audience is mainly for young adults, middle aged artists, and talented individuals looking for ways to make it big in one of the hardest industries to get involved in.

Not only can you get information and content from the publication in print and online, but the Spaced Out Magazine also has a radio station that you can tune into as well.

Get inside coverage and interviews from some big companies like Walt Disney Studios! Get informed on the greatest barbers and singers rising into action. The magazine is a great source of entertainment as well as information about the business aspect of it. Spaced Out is one of the top magazines for music, and song makers. Subscribe now!

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Reuben Wood:

Reuben Wood is the CEO and founder of Spaced Out Magazine. He is a famous journalist and media proprietor. He was formally a music artist, trying various times to make a career from the poor management he was faced with. After failure in the artist world, he decided to start a magazine and followed the correct footsteps to do so. The focus of the magazine is to help young artists come out of their shell and help them into the industry. His personal experience with the industry was fuel to the magazine content and success. Since the companies official launch in 2012, the website has received almost 9 million visitors.

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