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SportsPro Magazine focuses on the world’s major sports and major competitions. The targeted audience is for the professionals and sports executives that make big decisions regarding the sports business. These people focus on developing the future of special deals, guidelines, important competitions and more.

SportsPro is distributed monthly and you can be sure that you will be offered the most in depth analysis’ and top level advice. With a subscription you get even more, with professional help and behind the scenes stories, press, and advice.

Key people in the industry are analyzed, with their personalities given in detailed description including the financial aspect and personal build up. This magazine is famous for its quality and reaches over 200 countries in digital and print combined. There are about 24,000 subscribers that tune into the publications each month.

Old issues can be purchased and printed for you with special arrangements. There is an option for a trial copy on the magazine’s website as well as a sample edition. Reader feedback is almost 100% positive and is encouraged.

Interviews with leading role models and sports inspirations are offered exclusively with this magazine. The research of the editing team is respected and honored worldwide due to the intense quality and quantity of content. They lead a successful future development plan that is authorized by trained professionals in the sports business concerning everything from sponsorship to major controversies.

Top Contributors

Emmett James:

Emmett James is one of the top contributors for SportsPro Magazine. He holds the editor position and his professional work has contributed to the success of SportsPro. He is responsible for the magazine’s output and graduated from the University College of London with focus in Media Production. He began as a staff writer and worked his way up through SportsPro Media to get to where he is now. He has a wide range of skills including fluency in English and French.

Nick Meacham:

Nick Meacham is the managing director at SportsPro Media. He has professional experience with management, producing, and agencies. His education comes from Griffith University and he resides in the United Kingdom.

Mark Baring:

Mark Baring is a business development manager at SportsPro Media. His previous experience is with MeetTheBoss, Incisive Media, and SOLETRADER. He lives in United Kingdom with the rest of his co-workers, and he was educated at Oxford Brookes University.

Stephanie McMillan:

Stephanie McMillan is the marketing manager at SportsPro Media and her vast experience makes her work at SportsPro incredible. With an education coming from Victoria University and past experiences from Solar Media Limited, UMB, and Amscreen Ltd, she is a very passionate marketer.

Michael Long:

Michael Long is a media editor at SportsPro with an education from University of Plymouth. His past experience as a staff writer at SportsPro gained him his position as a media editor. He writes in depth articles and handles face to face interviews with the professionals.

Jon Abraham:

Jon Abraham is the senior business development manager for SportsPro. He is directly responsible for commercial revenues and working with and among international clients. He has a vast and professional education in sports which contributes greatly to his success. His education of the sports comes from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

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