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The Colorist Magazine is focused on many different things such as connecting you with the best salons and hair professionals. You can reach stylists, products, and many hair companies through the magazine issues. The magazine speaks volumes to colorists and those in the beauty industry.

The Colorist Magazine was presented with a Maggie Award for “Best Editorial Layout” with under 50,000 circulation. It is informative and in depth about the value and endurance of styles, color, beauty, and creativity. Every business aspect is included in the content around the beautiful images and colorful layout. It is a magazine that is easy and enjoyable to read.

Many celebrities are featured in the magazine and provide a real life comparison for how the products work. Interviews analyzing and telling about personal experiences from the professionals are meant to be consumed by the public. Important how-to-articles on how to color and style hair are offered for everyday people as well as the pros. Helpful tips and facts that everyone should know about hair products about the most perfect colors are offered in every magazine.

The Colorist Magazine takes notice to the changing world and conforms to the styles as well as making their own special styles of the century. As the industry grows stronger each year, so does the number of consumers who are viewing the magazine.

In addition to getting information from the magazine, you can also follow the Colorist Facebook and Twitter page to see day to day tips on hair and fashion. The magazine is also on Pinterest for all of those Pinterest addicts out there.

Some hair products are very dangerous for the masterpiece on your head. The magazine gives lists of all the harmful products and teaches you how to avoid bad hair days and hair catastrophes. Delivered twice a month, you will always find new styles, tips and tricks that you can experiment with.

Certain issues focus completely on blondes while others are solely for brunettes. Most of the issues relate to everyone with hair on their heads and can be applied anywhere in the world.

Top Contributors

Lotus Abrams:

Lotus Abrams currently works as the editor in chief for The Colorist Magazine. She is also a freelance writer and editor for many professional publications such as Rouge 24 and Copper Sun Content and Creative. Before working with the Colorist Magazine, she worked as the executive editor for the American Salon Magazine and also held editing positions at More magazine, Macworld, and VNU. She went to the University of California, Berkeley to earn a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and later went to obtain a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Amy Dodds:

Amy Dodds is the managing editor of the Colorist Magazine. She has been working with Creative Age Publications for nearly 6 years and is responsible for overseeing a group of people who contribute to the magazine. She graduated with honors, from California State University-Northridge with a degree in English.

Lizzy Sherman:

Lizzy Sherman is the senior web editor of not only the Colorist Magazine, but many other Creative Age Publications such as Beauty Launchpad, Nailpro, Beauty Store Business, Dayspa, and Nail It!. Prior to starting with Creative Age Publications, she worked as a Utv correspondent.


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