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The Economist is a weekly newspaper that appears to be a news magazine. It is not a chronicle of economics, but rather a magazine that reports and takes editorial stances on economic liberalism.

The magazine is targeted towards people who are highly educated and are interested in current events and global change. In the first issue of The Economist, which came out in 1843, it’s mission statement read, “to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress”.

The Economist mostly supports free trade, globalization, and free immigration. Also, the publication supports liberal causes on social issues. The articles feature understated wit and precise use of language. The articles can be humorous, containing witty cartoons and puns for captions.

The Economist takes on editorial anonymity as they believe collective voice and personality matter more than the identities of the individual writers. This publication is very unique in nature.

Top Contributors

James Astill:

James Astill is The Economist’s Washington Correspondent. He joined The Economist in 2004 as International Security Editor. James Astill has won several awards, such as the Gerald Ford Prize for his coverage of US security and the Grantham prize for a special report on the forests of the world.

Ryan Avent:

Ryan Avent is the economics senior editor and free exchange columnist for The Economist. He joined The Economist in 2009 as an online economics editor. Ryan Avent is the author “The Gated City”, a book about the American economy.

Adam Barnes:

Adam Barnes joined The Economist online in June 2005. Barnes is currently the Mexico Correspondent for The Economist. Adam Barnes has worked as a sports journalist, a guidebook writer and a freelance travel editor. He has written for Time Out Guides, The Times, The Independent, Greenwood Guides and How To Books.

Barbara Beck:

Barbara Beck is the special reports editor for The Economist. Barbara Beck has held this position since 1995, has written numerous articles herself and has edited and contributed to various books.

Sarah Birke:

Sarah Birke is the Middle East Bureau Chief for The Economist. Prior to joining this publication, she wrote for a range of publications including the Wall Street Journal and The Times (London). Sarah Birke has lived in Italy for two years and spent time in west Africa.

Gady Epstein:

Gady Epstein is the media editor for The Economist. Gady Epstein has written about politics and society, focusing on inequality, public policy and the internet. He studied English language and literature at Harvard University.

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