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If you love anything related to trains or railroads, Trains magazine is just the resource for you. Most of the issues include news on the train railroad industry, including articles on locomotives, routes, and train operations. Enjoy articles about the past history of popular trains or look at breathtaking photography and images. Through their website, gain access to past issues, articles, special blogs and forums, and shop for anything to do with trains! 

Top Contributors 

Fred Frailey:

Fred Frailey is currently a special correspondent and columnist for Trains Magazine. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in journalism. Some of Frailey’s specialities include research, media relations, copy editing, publishing, and social networking. In the past, Frailey worked as a reporter, a deputy editor, an associate editor, and an associate managing editor. Fred Frailey wrote an article for Trains entitled “3 Amtrak Trains in Jeopardy”.

Steve Sweeney:

Steve Sweeney is currently the associate editor for Trains Magazine and Kalmbach Publishing Company. He attended Jamestown Community College, State University of New York at Fredonia, and Gannon University. Sweeney specializes in technical writing, data analysis, journalism, press releases, publishing, and web content. In the past, Steve has worked as a reporter, logistics specialist, and as an editor. Steve Sweeney has written numerous articles for Trains Magazine.

Angela Pusztai-Pasternak:

Angela Pusztai-Pasternak is currently the production editor for Trains Magazine and Kalmbach Publishing Company. She graduated from DePaul University and Lewis University. Some of her specialities include photography, copy editing, publications, layout, and advertising. In the past, Pusztai-Pasternak worked as an editorial assistant, assistant editor, and as an editorial associate. 

David Lassen:

David Lassen is currently the associate editor for Trains Magazine. He graduated from the University of Denver. Some of his specialities include blogging, sports photography, and social media. In the past, David has worked as a sports reporter, sports columnist, sports editor, reporter, and freelance writer and journalist.

Drew Halverson:

Drew Halverson is currently the senior graphic designer for Kalmbach Publishing Company. He graduated from Marquette University with an advertising major. Halverson specializes in digital media, image editing, content management, editing, and video productions. In the past, Drew has worked as a web designer and as a web development coordinator.

Todd Schwartz:

Todd Schwartz is currently the account executive for Kalmbach Publishing Company. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-OshKosh. Some of Todd’s specialities include online advertising, advertising, negotiation, account management, and team building. In the past, Schwartz has worked as a recruitment manager.

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