Adventure Outdoors is a quarterly magazine focused on travel and outdoor activities. More specifically, readers can find information about excursions, camping, fishing, parks, expeditions, and culture. Each issue provides the reader with an overview of outdoor activities and adventures in specific travel locations and destinations.

About Adventure Outdoors Magazine

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Adventure Outdoors offers readers a peak into the lifestyle, hobbies and thrills of an outdoorsman. The magazine covers everything an outdoor enthusiast would be interested in learning about when it comes to outdoor experiences and travel.

Destinations and activities are laid out in detail so the reader can plan a meaningful adventure. Along with places to go, readers can also learn about equipment and must have tools and technology that will improve their trip.

The magazine highlights solo travel as well as adventures that can be taken by the whole family.

In addition to travel destinations and outdoor fun, the magazine includes topics that an outdoorsman may find relevant, such as interviews with notable outdoorsmen, fitness routines and survival readiness.

Types of Content

Adventure Outdoors magazine covers all aspects of exploring the outdoors while traveling to destinations large and small. The magazine contains things to include on your trip, the best spots, what to watch out for, and any new trends in travel and outdoor equipment.

Most of the content is centered on nature and everything that nature has to offer. It includes not only ways to enjoy the experiences but ways to take advantage of your time and resources while traveling in the outdoors.

Some of the activities included in the magazine are, but not limited to:

  • Hiking
  • ATV adventures
  • Off-roading
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Fishing  
  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Hunting

Adventure Outdoors magazine structures their issues on different travel destinations that have a focus on the outdoors. Below are some of the subjects highlighted in the magazine’s quarterly issues.

camping and fishing


Adventure Outdoors takes readers to areas all over the country to explore different campgrounds and fishing spots. From mountainous terrains to low-key beaches, the reader can learn tips and tricks for catching fish and taking advantage of spectacular views. Not to mention what type of bait to bring along.

Adventure Outdoors also provides lists, such as the top fifteen fishing spots and five most satisfying summer hunts. The magazine includes different types of fishing, from deep sea fishing to fishing in rivers and streams.

The magazine provides information on the weather and what to look for during certain times of the year. Adventure Outdoors provides tip and tricks for dealing with camping in cold weather and for prepping your survival kit. Safety tips are covered in the magazine to make sure the traveler is well prepared for their trip.

Information about camping and fishing in Adventure Outdoors magazine details for the reader where to go, what to see, and what to bring to make the most of the trip. The magazine provides users with specific information about each location and what kind of fishing they can expect.

Any gear that is required to make a successful camping or fishing trip is covered and the reader can learn the latest and greatest of what is available. This includes technology, safety considerations and what the magazine thinks are the best to have.


parks and destinations

The magazine highlights different parks across the country and outlines what travelers can expect to find there, from beaches to waterfalls, to hiking trails. Readers can experience through the magazine what these amazing parks have to offer and if it might be a right fit for the traveler.

The magazine covers all types of parks, including national and state parks. There is every type of outdoor park included so that no travel adventure is left out. Parks with an emphasis on mountains, beaches, rivers, lakes and bays are included, and in a variety of states from New York to Missouri, to Wyoming.

Adventure Outdoors gives the reader insight into the best outdoor activities within each park, whether it be relaxing, fishing or exploring the scenery. It also lists some of the things to do and see within the surrounding towns and areas of the parks.

travel and excursions

travel and excursions

Through Adventure Outdoors magazine readers can learn about interesting places to travel or maybe places they’ve considered before but didn’t know much about. The magazine details places of interest, areas to explore, and sights the reader shouldn’t miss. Again, these are all places where one could take full advantage of the outdoors.

Every travel destination included in the magazine provides the reader with the best in outdoor activities allowing the reader to plan the perfect adventure trip.

The magazine provides readers with tips and things to look out for when traveling, such as when to bring your camera along to catch the best sunset, and what days certain festivals or events might take place. These events could be festivals at local breweries or music shows at outdoor amphitheaters. The events range from anything the magazine feels the outdoorsman might find intriguing.

Since the magazine covers adult travel and traveling with a family, the events include ideas for people of all ages and dynamics.

Within each destination is information about must-do excursions. The excursions could include boating adventures, biking, skiing or off-road trail adventures, to nearby towns that one must include in their trip. The excursions fit different skill levels and expertise. Some are tour guided while others might be self-guided excursions.

Depending on factors such as weather and location, the magazine provides tips on how to make the most of each trip.



In Adventure Outdoors magazine, the reader can learn more bout adventurous expeditions on both land and in water. Readers can learn about the best activities in each season and which ones they should consider in each destination or park highlighted. Expeditions range from kayaking to hiking, in Alaska and elsewhere.

Since expeditions might include exploring the most far-out places, the magazine covers any wildlife that the reader could expect to find. Sustainability and conservation are also topics that the magazine covers in regards to the wildlife and nature outdoorsman may encounter.

culture and retreats

heritage and culture

Readers not only learn about activities in each destination but also about specific cultures, and areas where one can unplug and just get away. Readers can learn about ranches and western adventures, and the history of certain areas. Many places highlighted are rich with heritage and culture and the magazine provides the reader with information on what they can learn and expect in these places.  

Along with outdoor activities, the magazine also includes information about museums and other cultural centers of interest.

Retreats are detailed for the reader and provide an opportunity to call out places for relaxation and turning off your cell phone. The reader is given the overall theme and character of each retreat. This can assist travelers in planning their own rustic retreat and ensuring it is exactly what they are looking for.

other topics of interest

Along with the topics of travel and outdoor activities, the magazine includes other articles that an outdoorsman might find relevant. Some of these articles are on the following topics:

  • Workout and fitness routines
  • Saluting the troops
  • The evolution of the military
  • Celebrating 100 years of Park Service
  • Choosing the right equipment for hunting, fishing, camping and self-defense
  • Transportation advancements
  • Environmental responsibility and clean camping

Topics of interest to an outdoorsman, more specifically the target of men, are included, such as building the ultimate man cave.

Since the magazine is published four times a year, each magazine is focused on the current season. For example, in a fall issue, the fishing might be focused on types of fishing usually done in the fall or winter months, and the summer issue might be focused on more seasonal activities like deep-sea fishing.

Magazine Interviews

adventure outdoors issue

Adventure Outdoors includes notable interviews with well-known outdoorsmen. Many of the interviews are with celebrity outdoor enthusiasts who host their own shows on television.

  • Josh Gates, host of Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel
  • Ted Nugget, host of the Outdoor Channel’s, Ted Nugget Spirit of the Wild
  • Joe Mantegna, host of Outdoor Channel’s original series, Gun Stories
  • Nick Hoffman, host of Nick’s Wild Ride on the Outdoor Channel
  • Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet’s, River Monsters

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Adventure Outdoors is published by David – Jacobs Publishing in the category of Men’s Interest and Travel. It is published quarterly in English.


Adventure Outdoors magazine covers all the basics on what an outdoorsman who appreciates travel might be interested in. From fishing and camping, to parks and excursions, the magazine covers what to see, where to see it and when.

Along with places to visit, the magazine prepares the reader for what they can expect and what they need to bring along with them to make the most of the trip. Readers can learn about exciting destinations and take advice from their favorite celebrity outdoor enthusiasts while also reading about other relevant topics that an outdoorsman might find intriguing.