Boat Trader Magazine is the print companion to Boattrader.com. The magazine was launched in 1991 by Boat Group and has since welcomed a large readership and circulation in the United States. In 2006, Boat Group along with Boat Trader was purchased by Apax Partners, a British private equity firm with headquarters in London, England. In 2006, the magazine launched BoatTraderOnline.com, which published listings, blogs, and articles about buying and selling boats and other watercraft.

In 2004, NADAguides.com helped BoatTraderOnline,com become an exclusive boat classifieds partner. A year later, BoatTraderOnline.com launched its sail boat companion website, SailBoatTraderOnline.com. In 2009, Boat Trader merged all three of its watercraft websites, including BoatTraderOnline.com, and YachtTraderOnline.com, into simply BoatTrader.com.

In the process, Boat Trader also moved its readers into the digital world. It transformed itself into an entirely digital publication from its print format. In 2011, BoatTrader.com merged once more, this time with YachtWorld.com and Boats.com. The new website became operational under a new company called Dominion Marine Media. In 2017, Boat Trader Magazine moved its headquarters to Miami, Florida.



Boat Trader has established itself as the place for readers and boat enthusiasts to talk shop, buy and sell boats, and learn the latest trends in boating and other watercraft. After merging its print and digital platforms, Boat Trader has witnessed a surge in demand for online boat listings.

On its website, patrons can use its ‘Find’ feature to locate the boat of their dreams. Patrons can filter their search results by Type, Make, Dealers, City, State, and Engines & Trailers. For patrons who are looking to sell their boats, Boat Trader makes it easy to do so with its ‘Sell Your Boat’ feature. There, patrons can target Boat Trader’s 5 million shoppers and receive up to 99% of the asking price. Patrons can also sell boat engines and trailers in addition to boats. Boat history reports are also available upon request at BoatHistoryReport.com.

Boat Trader makes shipping boats easy through its partnership with uShip. Patrons can get free quotes on shipping and other useful information about boat and parts transportation. Boat Trader also has a dedicated team of customer service representatives to help patrons list their boats for sale.



Need advice on buying and selling your boat, or some pointers on the best boat engine and accessories on the market today? Look no further than Boat Trader’s blog called Water Blogged. In it, patrons will find an abundance of resources on buying and selling boats and other watercraft. These informational and educational blog posts range from beginner tips to expert know-hows. The blog also shares information on buying used boats and buying brand-new high-end boats. Equally engaging is the blog’s content on selling. There, readers will find everything they need to know about selling a boat. The articles range from “Five Things to Do to Prepare Your Boat for Sale,” to “Selling Your Boat? 10 Tips for Sprucing Up Your Engine.”

Another great feature of Boat Trader’s Water Blogged is its posts on boating. This is a general blog section for anything that has to do with boating. Readers can find information on the best boat apps, boat games, boat storage, boat wipeouts, spring break destinations, and much more. Some popular topics include boat maintenance, onboard tools, boat repair, boat sales, boat safety, inboard engines, marinized engines, boat parade, boat lights, boat decorations, binoculars, boat towing, powerboats, boat trailers, and the EZ Loader.

Finally, Boat Trader’s Water Blogged is home to an abundance of reviews on the latest model boats, engines, tools, and accessories. These reviews give readers an inside look at some of the best boats on the market today. There are also reviews about the best boats for a specific purpose, such as “10 Best Tow Boats for Water Skiing and Wakeboarding,” “10 Bass Boats that Will Blow You Away: Cast Action Heroes,” “Six Great New Boats Under 25 Feet from the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show,” “Three Scrappy Center-Consoles for 2016,” “Four Great Runabouts for 2016,” and “Four Innovative Pontoon Boats for 2016.”







Boat Trader Magazine and Boattrader.com are your one-stop shop for buying and selling boats and parts, plus all the resources you need to take care of your boats. The magazine and website are approachable even for novices, and enthusiasts will find the content refreshing in the world of recycled information.