Cooking Light is one of the world’s largest and most trusted food and lifestyle publications. It helps cooks of different levels to create tasty and nourishing food for a variety of occasions. It supports people, both with and without serious health challenges, who are striving to embrace a more vibrant life fueled by excellent nutrition. The magazine, with the constant contributions and support of experts in relevant fields, gives readers plenty of useful information for living well in our fast-paced world.

About Cooking Light Magazine

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This magazine, which is available in both a print and an online version, offers nutrition tips, dietitian-approved recipes, fitness guides, and other information to empower its diverse readership in their quest for vibrant health. Handy collections of recipes and shopping guides help busy people keep necessary items on hand. Cooking Light supports the emotional, mental, and physical connections between food preparation and eating. The dishes and meals suggested in this format are tested by professionals and confirmed to be nourishing and tasty.

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editorial mix section of cooking light

Cooking Light magazine offers a constant flow of guidance for achieving better nutrition and fitness. Insight into commonly held myths about food and what the truth really is a frequent theme. Time-saving techniques for how to plan, shop for, and prepare food in a balanced way merit their own section. The importance of eating in accordance with the seasons and how to incorporate fitness into your life are also key recurring components of this excellent resource.

New Ideas & Choices in Each Issue

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Unlike rigid eating plans that limit our options severely, Cooking Light offers lots of choices. Regardless of whether you are looking to find a quick and easy meal idea or prepare a full-blown feast, this magazine offers access to a large collection of recipes. Some people still believe that if something tastes good, they should avoid it. The team at Cooking Light completely disagrees with that premise. Their belief is that taste goes hand-in-hand with nutrition. They don't believe you have to deny yourself pleasure to eat well and be healthy.

Addressing Common Concerns about Healthy Cooking

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Cooking meals does not need to be a seemingly endless activity. Cooking Light can show you ways to create quick and tasty meals without standing over a hot stove for hours. The magazine is full of ideas that enable you to have food ready when you are. Some recipes use a slow cooker, some use a pressure cooker, and still others require no cooking time or equipment at all.

can i follow the suggestions and still be true to myself?

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Absolutely! You can choose to follow a paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian or wholly plant-based eating plan and still find a wide variety of meal choices here. Even if you are diabetic or striving to avoid allergens, you can find recipes that make meals interesting and not the "same old, same old." Many of us have been lectured by someone in regard to what we should and should not eat. Cooking Light gives you lots of options so you don't have to limit your choices.

tips for efficient food shopping

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The publishers of Cooking Light understand that we have better things to do than spend hours in grocery and natural food stores. This is why they devote so much attention to how to plan meals and go shopping with a clear direction and intention each time. Knowing exactly which foods you need, and when you will need them, saves time, money and effort in the grand scheme. Having a good understanding of meal planning will help reduce frustration and take the guesswork out of eating well for you and your family. All in all, Cooking Light helps you save your time for other activities.


Healthy Options for Diverse Eaters

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Fortunately, Cooking Light comes to the rescue when it comes to satisfying the whole crowd. The recipes included take into account color, flavor, texture, and smell. You can always personalize the choices offered for your family. Just as our fitness routines need to take our individuality into account, so do our food choices. Having options to choose from makes a big difference, and when you are able to plan ahead of time, meal time does not have to be chaotic in the least.


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There are no guarantees, of course, but many people feel better once they understand how certain foods affect digestion and make some basic changes. When meals contain a variety of colors, they typically deliver more nutrients. Sometimes just reducing the stress of meal planning and preparation is enough to help people feel much better. It can be exhausting to have to come up with new and exciting ideas for meals, and Cooking Light helps to lighten that load.


image of a person doing a yoga pose

Along with a dietary shift, you can make other fitness choices that are every bit as individual as you are. Is walking the best for you? Are you into Pilates, yoga or Zumba? Would you rather work out in the privacy of your home or at a gym?  Are you primarily seeking weight loss or improvements in strength and flexibility? All these issues and more are addressed in Cooking LIght. Fitness, like food, can be fun and good for you.

Staying on the Leading Edge of Nutrition

New research on nutrition comes out all the time. As with medicine, accepted ideas and practices are constantly evolving. Fermented foods, organic vs. conventional foods, grass-fed vs. grain-fed meat are among topics in flux today. As physicians, researchers, dietitians, and scientists discover more, we all need at least one good way to stay informed. Cooking Light can help you learn about developments and discoveries as they are made.

image of a woman holding a newly made pot

Cookware and utensils can make a big difference in both flavor and convenience each time you serve a meal. Cooking Light highlights many types of products offer and explores what to look for when buying them. Your cooking can come alive in new ways with just the right pot or pan, but it is not necessary to get every size of every item. You will learn about what items may work best in your kitchen.

Exploring Much More than Typical American Food

a variety of spices

This publication features recipes inspired by cuisine from many parts of the world. Adding different spices and blends can completely change how food tastes, and many spices support the health of the body. Turmeric, for example, has been found to be very supportive in reducing chronic inflammation. Even though it is possible to buy it in a supplement form, many cultures around the world use various spices to invigorate the taste of their food.


One of this magazine's priorities is helping people make tasty meals in fairly quick and simple ways. Many articles describe how to cook with crock pots and pressure cookers along with the usual baking, frying, broiling and grilling methods of cooking. Knowing how and when to use these methods can save you time and frustration. It's also very helpful to know how best to avoid heating up the stove on the hottest days of summer.


pancakes and blueberies

Cooking Light is a publication (and a highly developed brand) that strives to empower people to get the best results from food and fitness choices. Its central focus is on how to live a healthy life in practical and realistic ways. The many recipe ideas can appeal to those who choose a gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian or plant-based eating plan. Recipes also work for those looking to avoid allergens. Individuals with diabetic concerns can be comforted in knowing that dietitians are part of the professional staff who oversee the magazine's articles.

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Innovative ideas for meal planning, shopping, and preparation help reduce the stress of cooking and eating. Similarly, choices in fitness give people a feeling of empowerment about how and where they choose to get active. This magazine stresses personal needs and how various fitness techniques can be used to reach various individual goals. The content provided is accessible to people across many age groups and demographics. As a result, anyone looking for a few new ideas to try in the overall effort to feel and live a bit better will find something that fits his or her needs.

This magazine has captive expertise in its highly professional staff. Readers turn to Cooking Light for creative ideas and ongoing support. All in all, we believe this is a magazine that genuinely supports the best of who we are. If you are tired of the frustrations that come with shopping and meal preparation, and you want to get healthier while you break up your established routine, consider what a subscription to Cooking Light can do for you.