Cooks Country is the name of a TV show and the associated magazine from the producers of the PBS series, "America’s Test Kitchen." The TV show and magazine both specialize in classic and regional American recipes which have been tested by the enthusiastic and friendly chefs. The magazine serves as a companion to the TV shows and as a handy reference for anyone looking for classic recipes, like fish and chips, roast and potatoes and meatloaf. Every issue also has handy kitchen tips and shortcuts, equipment reviews, taste tests and lost and heirloom recipes.

Along with the associated TV shows and the related Cooks Illustrated magazine, Cooks Country magazine makes classic and comfort American recipes easily accessible to everyone. It has a place on every kitchen cookbook shelf or on every iPad. The magazine is available in print and digital formats since people have varying preferences for the way they store and use their recipes. The print issue has tear-out recipe cards as well. The magazine is published bimonthly.


About Cooks Country Magazine

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Cooks Country magazine is based on the popular cooking show with the same name on PBS. Launched in 2005 by Boston Common Press, the magazine, like the TV show, highlights classic and regional recipes from the US. PBS cooking shows are popular with audiences, drawing some 4 million viewers. Also like the TV show, the magazine has a number of regular features, including foolproof recipes, weekly menus, taste tests, product reviews and more.

Cooks Country magazine comes in several formats: glossy print, online and Kindle. Cooks can use the print or digital versions according to their preferences. The magazine is published bi-monthly, with six issues each year.

The magazine brings the fun and energy of the TV show into homes on a more lasting and easily-accessible format. Each issue contains detailed recipes with clear directions, making it a worthy addition to any kitchen bookshelf. Full -color photographs make it easier to follow the recipes, and the handy pullout cards can be stored in the kitchen for easy reference. Readers can participate in recipe contests and ask any cooking-related questions they may have.

The Cooks Country TV Show

The TV show is currently in its eleventh season. Past and current presenters for different segments include Christopher Kimball, Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin-Davison, Erin McMurrer, Jack Bishop, Adam Reid and Lan Lam. Viewers will find these old friends in the Cooks Country magazine as well with advice on how to make the perfect roast and potatoes, how to roast the perfect holiday turkey and easy dinner recipe ideas for weekdays.

The magazine and the TV show both are energetic when making classic cooking easier for everyone. Like the other show, "America’s Test Kitchen," the people at Cooks Country really understand cooking. Not only that, they understand the problems that ordinary folks face in trying out new or classic recipes for the first time. Both the magazine and TV show take the time to deliberate over questions like:  Should you use fresh or canned green beans for your Thanksgiving casserole? Which is the best-tasting stuffing you can buy at the grocery store?

Both magazine and TV show have a friendly approach to the task, making it easier for neophyte cooks to learn the classics of American cooking. Aspiring home cooks who grew up on frozen foods can learn the answers to their most pressing problems, which could range from how to make the perfect fish and chips to which is the best brand of baking powder on the shelves at the grocery store. Kitchen shortcuts also show you how to save time and money, use up leftovers and master sauces, doughs and pie crusts.


Types of Content:  In Every Issue

inside the cook's country magazine

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Each issue has recipes, taste tests, equipment reviews, shortcuts and much more. The How to Cook section answers all cooking-related questions, including how to take a holiday pie through airport security (there's a special see-through container that does the trick).

foolproof recipes

Tried, tested and above all---easy to make, these foolproof recipes are great for healthy weeknight meals. These could include glazed salmon, beef with bok choy, shrimp burgers and more. The Recipes for Two section adapts these for cooking for two.

  • Getting To Know

This section looks at kitchen tools and equipment as well as different foods and cooking techniques. This is where you can find everything you wanted to know about such diverse matters as braising, the different types of avocado, Louisiana flavors and foraging for greens. It has everything you wanted to know about cooking but didn’t know whom to ask.



Each issue has eight easy recipes printed on pullout cards for handy reference while cooking. It’s easy to build up a card collection of favorite recipes and to keep them in a kitchen drawer when you need to look up something.

kitchen shortcuts

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Helpful shortcuts can save you time and money in the kitchen. Like all recipes and products, these are kitchen-tested and approved.

  • Five Easy Recipes

Every month, there are five recipes for a single ingredient. These are variations on a theme, like different kinds off tuna salad or chickpea salad, using different condiments, herbs and vegetables.

taste tests

This is the fun part on the TV shows when Jack Bishop takes a blindfold taste test on TV in front of an appreciative studio audience in a Vermont farmhouse. The products tested range from tea, cottage cheese and peanut butter to shredded coconut.

equipment reviews

At some point in their lives, most people have wished that they could road-test basic kitchen equipment, like vegetable peelers, loaf pans, blenders and nonstick frying pans before buying it. The chefs at Cooks Country do that for you, each month. These reviews also tell you the price of each so you can plan your kitchen purchases with confidence.

find the rooster contest

Every print issue has a tiny picture of a rooster hidden somewhere. Readers who want to participate in the contest must find it and send in their information on an entry form. Prizes included kitchen equipment and one-year subscriptions to the magazine.

the great american cake

Each issue features a classic American recipe, such as Peach Coffee Cake or Chocolate Turtle Cake.

holiday specials

Cooking-intensive holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, are a busy and high-anxiety time for some home cooks. Cooks Country magazine comes through with special issues for each season that include extensive recipes, helpful tips and variations on old favorites.


Audience & Reach

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The audience for Cooks Country magazine is wide and includes both neophytes and experienced cooks. Cooking shows on public television draw as many as four million viewers for each episode.  Many magazine subscribers discover the publication because of the TV series, and come to cherish their print copies of the magazine as handy references. Readers like the practical, easy-to-make recipes and the fact that the ingredients used are also easy to find---and probably are already in their pantries and refrigerators.

Readers can ask questions about cooking and recipes and submit their own recipes as well. The magazine and the TV shows are a great resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of American home cooking from knowledgeable and enthusiastic cooks. Perhaps the best thing about Cooks Country magazine and the TV shows is that they make these classic recipes accessible and easy for everyone.

Most readers find that they adopt recipes from nearly every issue into their repertoire, and the only complaint about the magazine is that it is too short or that there are not enough recipes in every issue. One of the strongest features of the magazine is its layout; it has clear pictures, text and directions. Also, there are no ads to confuse or distract.

The magazine is popular with people who want to learn to cook like pros or just be able to cook their favorite and classic foods. Magazine subscriptions are also a popular choice for gifts in the holiday season.


Recipes at your fingertips:  that is Cooks Country magazine. It is a staple for recipes for American home cooking, comfort foods and regional specialties. Like the PBS TV show of the same name, it features professional and enthusiastic cooks who like to share their knowledge and passion of food with readers. The recipes are all time-tested and easy to make. They use ingredients that can be found in every kitchen and pantry. Other regular features of the magazine are handy recipe pullout cards, taste tests, equipment reviews and the Find the Rooster contest.

The magazine is available in both print and digital formats, and subscriptions are a popular gift. For many home cooks, it is a staple for the kitchen cookbook shelf where they can go for easy and classic recipes, kitchen tips, shortcuts and more. The clear, easy-to-read format with full-color illustrations makes it a handy reference in the kitchen. For anyone wanting to learn classic and interesting recipes or how to cook like a professional, this is a useful guide.