The world of DYI (otherwise known as “do-it-yourself") started out as a small niche. However, with increases in technology and its overall reach, DIY has taken on a large core audience. With places to look for small projects (like bird houses) to larger scale endeavors, many magazines and publications have emerged in order to bridge the gap. One such magazine is a small publication called the Family Handyman.

With a title that is an homage to the handyman and comes to homes across the nation solving all kinds of problems - from a leaky faucet to a broken stove, this magazine aims to empower and educate. While some readers may already be well acquainted with the Family Handyman magazine and the do-it-yourself niche, others may still have some questions.

In this guide, you will find pertinent information about Family Handymanin regards to their story, the types of content available on the website, its reach, and target demographic. Get those tools ready as your brain will be filled with ideas once you've learned about the website.  

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About Family Handyman Magazine

DIY magazine

Before addressing the types of content that can be found on Family Handyman, it is important to understand more about the publication.  

Founded in 1951, the Family Handyman was published by Universal Publishing and Distributing. After running into severe debt, Universal Publishing and Distributing sold the magazine in 1977 as a last-ditch effort to break even. After 10 years of inactivity, Robert Maxwell acquired the company and sold it to the Reader's Digest Association later that same year.  

Based in Eagan, Minnesota, this magazine prints new issues 10 times per year in its primary language of English. With its current editor-in-chief, Ken Collier, in charge, this magazine has a total circulation of approximately 1.2 million.

Described as the DIYer's “best friend,” Family Handyman is a magazine that offers its readers a variety of printable and digital content for homeowners who would prefer to fix small interruptions themselves. The Family Handyman approaches its articles as an informative yet conversational piece that ambitious viewers can use in order to make quick improvements to their homes.

While this magazine focuses on many things, its forte is the accurate, complete, and easy-to-follow how-to instructions. These instructions can be used to improve homes, backyards, vehicles, front laws, and other smaller areas around the home. Their articles are incredibly detailed and easy to follow, making the do-it-yourself process simple.

The Family Handyman is the oldest and largest publication for do-it-yourself hacks. The Family Handyman is also a part of Trusted Media Brands Incorporated family brand which includes Taste of Home, Birds and Blooms, and Reader's Digest.

Now that you've been introduced to the magazine and know a little background history, it is time to learn about the types of content that can be found on the website and publication.


As stated earlier, the Family Handyman is the oldest publication for do-it-yourself projects that can improve the home and other areas of your life.

This magazine prints 10 issues per year and for every issue, readers can find a combination of contributions from core members of their crew as well as over 1,000 reader and volunteer field editors. Their featured articles include those pertaining to stuff we love, home care and repair, handy hints, top ten tips, pro tips, and DIY quizzes. Both the website and print versions of the magazine provide detailed how-to instructions for those who are beginners and become easily overwhelmed.

Taking a closer look at each section of the website, one thing that users will notice is a banner at the top of their screens. Once clicked, the user will see categories such as rooms, outdoor, smart homeowner, videos, how-to, and repair.


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Image from Family Handyman

For those who are interested in the “how to” section, once clicked, another menu will appear which is broken down into specific categories like appliance repair, automotive, carpentry, doors, drywall, electrical, floors, painting, parts of the house, pest control, plumbing, storage, organization, and tools.  

Each of the sections has in-depth breakdowns and articles concerning whichever problem a user has. For example, if someone is having problems with their car, in the automotive section, it is further broken down into sections concerning car brakes, maintenance, car window repair, DIY car paint, DIY oil change, and even lawn mower repair.


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For those who have concerns about their car brakes or simply want to learn more about them, there are articles addressing situations like how to change brake pads, brake fluid, and even struts. The website even claims that replacing car struts yourself can save the user an average of $300.


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Another popular section on the website is "rooms." Because people are always looking to redecorate or make improvements to specific rooms in their homes, once a user clicks on the "rooms" title, the sections are broken down into attic, basement, bathroom, bedroom, closet, garage, home office, kitchen, and workshop.

One room in the house that most people seem keen to update and remodel is their kitchen. Due to the amount of time that mothers and fathers spend cooking, the kitchen becomes the area in the household where families gather, so making it feel and operate its best is a major concern. In this section, a user can expect to find categories for DIY kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, design ideas, and storage.  


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Specifically, in the DIY kitchen cabinets section, a person can find articles addressing how to replace a sink base cabinet floor, tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets, how to install cabinets like a pro, how to spray paint kitchen cabinets, and how to build cabinets, among other things.   


Specifically, in the DIY kitchen cabinets section, a person can find articles addressing how to replace a sink base cabinet floor, tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets, how to install cabinets like a pro, how to spray paint kitchen cabinets, and how to build cabinets, among other things.   


The last section worth noting is the video section of the website. Easily accessible by clicking on the “videos” title on the home page banner, this section is designed to provide further explanation and clarification to those who need it. When it comes to projects, sometimes visual aids are the best manner for people to learn because it shows a professional doing the same tasks that the user is attempting.

As a side note, Family Handyman has progressed with the times and also publishes a plethora of supplemental materials. These materials include special interest publications, table editors of the magazine, a do-it-yourself tip app, and the DIY university.

Speaking specifically about the DIY university, it is designed with a curriculum which mirrors that of an actual university. Having several courses, readers and curious bystanders can go through the curriculum and find hacks which specifically meet their home improvement needs.


Reach & Target Demographic

As previously established, Family Handyman is a magazine which aims to make the do-it-yourself process as simple as possible. As more and more people look to find hacks that could save them hundreds of dollars, the demographic of this magazine is people who want to learn how to make changes to their homes. While there are some services that should only be performed by someone who is properly trained, being able to do something like an oil change becomes very simple if the right instructions are provided.

With video and visual aids provided on the website, anyone who wants to learn how to make renovations to their bathroom or backyard can find additional resources which will help their journey.

The magazine has also has a social media presence with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. For those who subscribe to the magazine, they can expect weekly, free email newsletters. These newsletters come with access to the latest articles of that week as well as special bonuses.

With almost 900,000 followers on Facebook alone, the Family Handyman has established itself as the go-to publication for do-it-yourself questions and concerns.



In the world of do-it-yourself, there are few publications that carry as much notoriety as Family Handyman. From its inception in 1951, this magazine has provided its readers with incredible and easy-to-follow hacks to make improvements in their homes. With print and digital versions of the magazines available to users, they can expect to find a variety of topics to address their questions and concerns.

Whether looking for ways to improve your kitchen cabinets, bathroom layout, car brakes, room decoration ideas, or other things, Family Handyman has you covered. With ten issues published every year, users can expect great tips and tricks all year long. The do-it-yourself trend is continuing to grow and with magazines like Family Handyman, it is easier than ever to get started.