Field and Stream is one of the preeminent publications focusing on outdoor sports and news. This magazine focuses specifically on hunting, fishing, conservation, and other topics of interest to the outdoor enthusiast. A large portion of this magazine focuses on gear. They offer reviews and comparisons of the latest and greatest gear entering the outdoor marketplace. 

Field and Stream is also a leading source for instructional content on outdoor activities. They offer a consistent stream of how-to stories, destination features, and profiles on leading professionals in the outdoors industry. This is one of the classic outdoors magazines available and is considered a must-read for any truly dedicated outdoorsman. Some of their top columns include "A Sportsman's Life" by Bill Heavey, "Total Outdoorsman" by T. Edward Nickens, and "Hook Shot" by Mark Modoski. 

Whether you're looking to find information about the newest gear available, some advice about better results at the shooting range, or lighthearted perspectives on the outdoors from some of the industry's best writers, Field and Stream is a great choice for top-notch outdoor journalism.

Core Topics for Field and Stream

Hunting and fishing are central to Field and Stream. In the hunting and fishing sections of this magazine, readers will find lots of instructional material. Within these topics, however, there is a wide range of coverage. Field and Stream will take on anything from whitetail deer hunting in the Midwest and classic East Coast fly-fishing destinations to big mountain grizzly bear hunts in Alaska. Expect to find tips on techniques and gear reviews as well as previews of new products headed to shops in upcoming seasons.


A high point of Field and Stream's hunting and fishing content is their seasonally focused writing. Each year the magazine produces previews for significant moments like the whitetail rut in the Midwest, the opening of elk season in the West, and fly-fishing hatches in the East. During the rest of the year, they will keep you motivated with new tips and tricks to prepare for the coming season of your choice.

Safety and Survival

In addition to hunting and fishing content, Field and Stream offers a wide range of stories on the topics of survival and safety in the outdoors. This content will offer tips and tricks for staying safe while on the trail, but also staying comfortable so your time in the outdoors is truly enjoyable. This magazine frequently enlists special contributors and experts to produce content about the newest trends and best practices for a safe and productive trip into the outdoors.


In recent years Field and Stream has followed the growing trend toward health and fitness for wilderness-loving athletes. Stories on this topic include recommended workouts and fitness routines to keep you feeling stronger for longer in the outdoors. They also feature the rapidly growing line of supplements and products available to outdoor athletes who are looking to optimize their health and fitness before it's time to hit the trail.

Guns, Ammo and Shooting

Field and Stream has been a leading voice for shooting sports since their inception as a magazine. As the shooting sports industry has grown, Field and Stream has kept pace with their coverage. Readers will find content ranging from how-to stories about improving your practice time at the range through product reviews. The gun and shooting content from Field and Stream will touch on off-the-shelf rifles and shotguns as well as ultra high-end customs and everything in between.


Besides firearms content, Field and Stream magazine regularly traverses deep into the archery world. They offer instruction on archery techniques and reviews of top gear from some of the best voices in the bow hunting industry. Whether you're looking for a new compound bow to hunt elk or trying to transition to a traditional recurve to shoot from your whitetail stand, Field and Stream's archery content will undoubtedly help get the info you need to succeed on an upcoming hunt.

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