In Touch Magazine is a weekly celebrity gossip magazine that has a following as big as its content. For the latest in Hollywood happenings, In Touch is the magazine to read. Inside you will find investigative journalism targeted at all things A-List and get the scoop on all your favorite celebrities, so pick up a copy at your local newsstand or by way of the internet!


In Touch Magazine follows the basic tabloid standard and covers the most relevant American celebrities and their latest, most scandalous news. Covering topics such as celebrity couples, babies, splits, wardrobe malfunctions, real-estate decibels, arrests, fashion choices, diet trends, rehab, and more, they have you covered on all things superstar. Not only a celebrity gossip publication, In Touch Magazine also features high-profile criminal cases, goodwill, and red carpet events. If a star is involved, you can guarantee In Touch Magazine will be there to cover it.


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This gossip magazine was first published in 2002 by Bauer Publishing. In 2018, it was acquired by American Media, Inc. It follows closely the format of its sister magazine, Life & Style Weekly. While Life & Style Weekly is aimed at helping readers to incorporate the latest A-List health, wellness, fashion, and beauty trends into their everyday lives, In Touch sticks mainly with the events happening within celebrity entertainment.



Dylan Howard heads the content team at In Touch.


Neil Goldstein is the Senior Vice President of the magazine.


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In Touch Magazine has made a name for itself by showcasing the latest in celebrity news. Be it the current lifestyles, fashion, relationships, or breakups, this tabloid is sure to cover it. By keeping up with the most current A-List trends and scandals, In Touch Magazine has become one of the most reached-for tabloids on the market.

Was George Clooney's marriage made in heaven or is it falling apart? Will Angie suck Brad dry in their divorce settlement or will civility take over? Is Kourtney Kardashian rocking a better bod pushing 40 than she did at 30? Which celebrities are feuding this week? What did that politician just do? How is this murder trial going to end? So many questions, and there is a place to go for the answers - In Touch Magazine. They will keep you in the loop.

Between the Kardashians, Tom Cruise and his ex-wives, Ariana Grande, Brad and Angie, George Clooney, the Duggars, and Teen Moms, they never run out of scandals to cover.

From high profile exclusives on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce arrangements to celebrity engagements and who’s shacking up with whom, In Touch has the scoop. High-profile criminal cases, A-List real estate, and baby on board news also rank as some of their most popular content. This magazine also covers the less scandalous topics of celebrity fitness, fashion favorites, diets, and unexpected sightings.


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Never a publication to lose its edge, the magazine lept to the media forefront in 2006. In Touch made history with its acquisition of photos of Daniel Wayne Smith, son of the late Anna Nicole Smith, before his own death in 2006. The images were of Daniel at Anna Nicole's bedside and were the last photos of the young man taken before his passing. The pictures were acquired from Getty Images for $650,000.

As the tragic story of former Playboy Bunny, Anna Nicole Smith, continued to unfold, the world watched as the American actress battled addiction, fought in custody battles, lost her son to an untimely death, and then perished herself. Obtaining the last photos taken of Daniel alive and then featuring them on their cover had masses of people flocking to the newsstand to continue their journey with the Smith family.


Perhaps one of its most controversial articles, the magazine was in the spotlight again in 2015 when it released a police report pertaining to reality TV star Josh Duggar and an investigation into child molestation.

A cast member of the hit reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar made headlines when accusations arose against him. Accused of molesting his sisters and several other girls, the story broke with In Touch Magazine and its front page police report about the investigation. The events were said to have happened back in 2002 and took the world by storm. Though no criminal charges were ever filed, the general public certainly took notice and turned to the magazine for the most current information regarding the case.

The media outlet would soon make this scandal - and its aftermath - a fairly recurrent cover story. To this day, the Duggar’s are featured on the magazine’s cover and have their own niche on the magazine's website menu.


Other popular tabloid topics have found a place on the main menu of the online version of In Touch Magazine. Here are a few:

  • 90 Day Fiance
  • Teen Mom
  • True Crime






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The numbers don’t lie; In Touch Magazine is a favorite amongst tabloid readers. Its bold approach to celebrity coverage and exclusive content has put it ahead of its competitors. Whether in print version or via online observance, In Touch has the most up-to-date, informative, and oftentimes scandalous Hollywood reports.

Here’s what those numbers look like.






Let’s face it. There are countless ways to find out the latest buzz when it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We humans are curious creatures, and the need to know what’s going on in the big wide world of entertainment is ever-present. Some of our favorite topics to read and learn about are our favorite Hollywood superstars. So, of course, we want and can appreciate the most up-to-date and most fascinating news about them.

In Touch Magazine, with the help of its many contributors, has made a name for itself by getting those exclusive, one-of-a-kind snapshots and inside secrets of relevant A-Listers, reality stars, athletes, and politicians alike.

This magazine is not afraid to delve into the unknown as far as what’s appropriate in the world of media and what’s not. And, perhaps, that’s what makes it stand out. They’ve gained enough respect with celebrities to be kept in the loop. They go find the stories others can’t find. They run features others aren’t brazen enough to run. They deliver the information to their readers and they do it in real-time. That’s why this magazine is one of the most purchased of its kind.

With its nearly 5 million weekly readers, In Touch Magazine has a loyal following and a steady relationship with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. So, why would you get your celebrity news anywhere else?