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Whether you are a professional financial analyst, a market enthusiast, a novice investor, or anyone interested in keeping abreast of the latest financial and investment developments, Money Magazine is for you. Highly recognized as one of the most informative and widely read periodicals in the field of personal finance and advice, and having been repeatedly ranked among the top 40 magazines in distribution today, Money Magazine has built an impressive readership and a solid reputation for providing all of your essential financial news, information, and advice.  


For over four decades Money Magazine has provided a discerning readership with informative, innovative, and specialized content for a wide variety of matters concerning money and personal finance. First published in 1972 by Time Inc., Money Magazine had continued to partner with many prestigious publishing and media outlets throughout the years, such as CNN in in affiliation with Time-Warner.

These partnerships continued up to its 2014 launch of its own independent website and internet content, where it is known today as under the management of Meredith Corporation. The magazine continues to this day to produce fresh original content on all matters involving investment, finance, and much more.


Money Magazine focuses on a wide variety of topics throughout the year. Currently, in addition to its regular content consisting of timely and newsworthy topics of interest, the magazine publishes articles on reoccurring topics throughout 6 major categories as well as Annual and Special Editions. Money Magazine also publishes timely content of interest in unique monthly mentions addressing hot topics of interest. These additions, in concert with regularly published segments, are sure to address all newsworthy topics related to money matters and finance.

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Several main reoccurring topics are fixtures in the monthly publication and are feature topics all readers can look forward to exploring. The six main topics include; Retirement, Everyday Money, Careers, Real Estate, Investing, and Travel. The following descriptions are an overview of each major section of Money Magazine and are by no means all-inclusive or comprehensive, but rather provide an overview ofgenerally expected content in each section.


Though the Retirement section seems to imply it is entirely written for retirees, it is anything but exclusive. All readers could find valuable information here as articles contained within address advice for beginners all the way to current retirees. Anyone interested in learning more about retirement matters can find pertinent information here.


The Everyday Money section addresses a variety of common and general money topics such as shopping, human interest stories related to money, and much more.


The Careers section presents all the latest on labor market trends, new company hires, and regional prospects.


The Real Estate section includes facts and figures related to real estate market developments, investment speculation particular to real estate, and personal interest stories relating to real estate.


The Investing section includes timely articles, stock quotes, home prices, local salaries, etc.


And lastly, the Travel section offers an assortment of articles and material necessary for the astute traveler. Issues such as new passport regulations, travel pricing, airline news, and destination advice are often explored.

Though these are the main major reoccurring topics Money Magazine includes, the magazine also includes educational materials and practical everyday advice for the reader. This can be found under the Money 101 section of the online version and includes lessons on managing credit cards, savings and budgeting, emergency funds, finances and health care concerns, first time home buying and selling, saving for college, dealing with ID theft, and much more. Money magazine is much more than a publication for a particular demographic but rather contains useful information for all of its readership.


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Money Magazine makes it a point to include timely articles which respond to current events of interest throughout the financial world. For instance, new appointments of CEO’s throughout various industries, regulations impacting investments throughout various sectors, or new tax laws being introduced are always covered in a comprehensive and well-timed manner. These articles depending upon their impact in the world of finance may be placed in the appropriate individual reoccurring topic section(s) as mentioned above or may become feature articles emphasizing the importance of the newsworthy stories. These types of articles are also included in various educational sections throughout the publication meant to address timely issues which come up in terms of public interest and educational formats.


Money Magazine has gained a reputation for producing some of the best known annual editions in the publishing business. Some of these include the “Best in…” series, featuring a variety of topics with interest for all including the Best in Travel (an examination of noteworthy vacation destinations), Best Colleges (a list of the best colleges for your money), and Best Places to Live in America (best combination of job prospects, quality of life, and more).

In addition to the “Best of…” series, Money Magazine makes it a point to emphasize important annual events in the financial world throughout the year.

The Investor’s Guide is published at the beginning of the year with advice for the coming year’s investment projections.

The Tax Guide is published in March just before tax season and provides tips on new tax law, deductions, and all the news pertaining to that tax year.

The Real Estate Guide is published in May just in time for the real estate purchasing season to be underway. This guide provides practical advice on purchasing, selling, and prospecting advice.

The Mid-Year Investor’s Guide examines how the first 6 months of the year have gone in terms of investing and provides advice for the coming 6 months. This is published in June – July of each year.

The What I Do All Day issue takes a closer look at the American workforce. This includes jobs and sectors, performance, and trends both regionally as well as nationally. This piece is published in August.

The Ultimate Retirement Guide goes over where Americans stand in retirement as an aggregate, savings, and new rules and regulations for the upcoming New Year. This issue is released in November.

And finally, the How to Make More Money In… issue takes a closer look into the following year’s prospects. This issue is always released in December.

It is clear that regardless of what your interests in money matters are, Money Magazine’s comprehensive and exhaustive research on relevant topics throughout the year is your key to highly respected solid financial insight and advice.  


​Money Magazine’s readership is comprised of a diverse and discerning demographic.


At 8.1 million in readership strong, Money Magazine’s popularity is evident as it continues to make the top 100 lists of magazines. It often reaches the top 40 worldwide in magazine circulation. Beyond the aforementioned partnerships and their substantial reach early – as seen with Time Inc. and –Money Magazine’s popularity continues to expand throughout all demographic classifications.

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With an average age of 52, the magazine still pulls 33% of its readership from millennials, demonstrating a strong age range of consumers. Likewise, an evenly distributed gender ratio is observed throughout the subscriber community.

Additionally, Money Magazine’s consumers represent some of the most affluent readerships throughout the publication sector. For example, the median household income of readers averaged approximately $95,000/year last year. In terms of family size, professional level, and lifestyle indicators, 40% had children and the vast majority were in professional or managerial positions.

Additionally, readers were more likely to have over $1M in their personal portfolios as well as have hired a financial manager within the last year. Education levels among subscribers are higher than average, with most having at least a 4-year degree.

And finally, this readership is highly representative of tech managers, members of C-suite, and influential consumers of financial investments. These are the most influential people in industries which drive economies as well as personal finance. Not only does this group contribute to the economy in terms of decision-making, but they are also the most heavily involved in making investments. Together, they represent well over $334 billion total in purchases of durable goods annually. Relative to most readerships, this is an overwhelmingly successful and affluent demographic.


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With its longevity and reputation for informative and valuable publications concerning all matters of personal finance, Money Magazine has served to educate and entertain its readership with informative, concise, and practical articles addressing a host of popular and practical topics that offer something for every type of subscriber.

Whether you are looking for long-term retirement advice, informative discussions about short-term investment prospects, interesting human interest stories pertaining to money, or money and lifestyle information in general, Money Magazine is your comprehensive guide to sound money matters and personal investment interests. Money magazine is the most sophisticated and timely magazine addressing these issues published to date.