When it comes time to get into shape, or to figure out new methods and techniques to improve upon our fitness or conditioning for a particular sport, there are a great many resources out there from which to choose. Muscle and Fitness Magazine is a great place to start because it provides monthly issues that cover everything fitness. When deciding which fitness magazine best suits our goals, it helps to consider the magazine and its purpose, its target audience, and the articles featured in the magazine issue by issue. In this article, we evaluate Muscle and Fitness Magazine in-depth to see if it’s for us.



Muscle and Fitness is a magazine that is “dedicated to covering the full fitness landscape, regularly introducing fans to new trends in training, nutrition, gear, and technology.” Muscle and Fitness supports that mission by helping its readers learn about and develop their bodies in the most effective ways.

The publishers regularly deliver fitness information, technology and gear coverage, nutrition tips, and full reviews of products available on the market to improve the outcomes we realize through our training routines. The magazine endeavors to be the “essential training partner” for its readers by providing this wealth of fitness-focused, cutting-edge, useful information.


Nutritional Information

One strength of Muscle and Fitness magazine is its consistently easy-to-digest presentation of workout and nutrition trends. There are seemingly endless nutritional supplements on the market. When deciding what items to use and which brands to pass on, a person is often at the whim of the salesperson at GNC. That salesperson’s opinion may be commission-driven or biased in some other way. There are similar problems with some online shopping site. By looking to Muscle and Fitness articles, advertisements, and reviews for guidance on supplement purchases, we can make more educated decisions.

The value of Muscle and Fitness magazine in guiding supplement purchases is significant. The advertisements help the reader know and recognize the leading brands in each category, with the understanding that they are represented in this long-standing, reputable magazine. Although this is no guarantee of quality nor effectiveness, brands and products that consistently advertise in Muscle and FItness magazine have stood the test of time and likely provide value to many consumers. Marketing claims can move a product on the first sale, but repeat sales are due to quality.

Beyond the entertainment value in many of the advertisements, there are many articles in Muscle and Fitness Magazine through which nutritional strategies can be learned to improve your muscle-building and conditioning results. A reader can easily get absorbed in the informative content of some of the better ads. Many of them are as thoughtfully constructed as the editorial parts of the magazine.

Many articles cover nutritional strategies that can be learned and implemented, and these are often timely and specific to the season. For example, during the Spring, Muscle and Fitness Magazine presents articles on strategies to improve upon one’s conditioning to achieve the best “beach bod” possible. During the fall and winter, more muscle- and mass-building strategies are offered to the readers to help them bulk up with indoor workouts during the colder months.



Another key feature of Muscle and FItness magazine is the publication’s emphasis on educating the reader about workouts. We’ll discuss this further below in the section on the types of articles this magazine contains. The workout information is generally rather advanced, which is due in part to the magazine’s primary target audience, another subject that will be explored further below. Through both workout education and nutritional information, the regular Muscle and Fitness (or M&F) reader is better able to make choices in how to support fitness.



The target audience of M&F is quite expansive in terms of the fitness community, although it is specifically targeted to those who are physically active and highly interested in fitness. This means that much of the readership of M&F consists of fit individuals who are looking for an edge to further improve upon their condition.

Put another way, the target readers of M&F already know how to work out, and so the information provided in the magazine is not basic. Rather, the articles and features mostly assume that readers already have a fundamental understanding of how to work out and engage in fitness, but want to know more about emerging techniques and supplements.

Muscle and Fitness magazine is targeted at men, while the publication M&F Hers is the section and alternative targeted to women. Most readers of M&F are persons affluent enough to purchase supplements and engage in ongoing fitness activities. This demographic also includes professionals, many of whom played competitive sports and maintain a competitive drive to staying fit and staying in the best shape possible. Bodybuilders and athletes alike read M&F, although it should be noted that bodybuilders who compete seriously often read Flex Magazine, which is geared solely toward competitive bodybuilding.



A secondary target audience of Muscle and Fitness magazine is made up of the supplement companies, fitness gear producers, gym chains, and others dealing in products like those represented in the magazine. M&F’s editors are professionals in their fields and thus equipped to provide expert information to readers.

M&F publishers also tout the importance of their magazine in connecting consumers to their advertisers. M&F states in its market positioning statement that “Manufacturers know that no product in the sports nutrition industry can be successfully launched without the support of M&F.”

The companies that advertise in M&F largely drive the quality of the magazine, and also the fitness products used by the readers. This is why the magazine also includes reviews, as we’ll discuss in the following section. The advertisers in the magazine present to the reader options from which to choose in their ongoing quest to improve upon their fitness. For example, an article in M&F may suggest the use of glutamine as a recovery supplement to decrease fatigue following a workout. Placed near that article, you will find a number of different brands of protein powders advertised, most of which contain glutamine.

Types of Articles


There is a wide variety of content included in each issue of Muscle and Fitness magazine. We found that the informative material you will want to read or scan can be generally broken down into the following categories: Workouts, Reviews, Articles, and Ads.






Muscle and Fitness magazine is a popular source of workout and nutrition information for the modern fitness enthusiast. This magazine is geared towards men, with M&F Hers providing a version for women. The magazine is very useful in the wide array of information it delivers on how to better improve upon our strength and conditioning through workout techniques and nutritional strategies. For the bodybuilder, fitness competitor, and competitive athlete alike, M&F provides a valuable source of information for improving health and fitness performance.