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Accounting Today, started in 1987, is the top resource for accounting and tax professionals, offering new issues every two weeks to their subscribers.  The goal is to inform and give readers valuable information related to a wide variety of news related and popular topics in the accounting industry.

Updates pertaining to new accounting and tax technology are one thing that Accounting Today has to offer. These issues provide news, financial plans, and different management techniques to help better furnish accountants with a wide variety of resources they need, to have a successful firm. Tips from skilled accountants and professionals in the accounting business are often something you can expect to see as well.

Even if you are on the journey in becoming a CPA, with issues from Accounting Today, you can become more knowledgeable about everything from the newest tax strategies to how an accounting business works with their clients, which will be helpful down the road. 

With all of the information, insights, and practices proposed in the issues of Accounting Today, accountants are able to learn how to grow their business and keep their existing clients coming back. 

Accounting Today is also part of a large social media community that allows you to stay up to date with all of the latest articles, issues, and trends going on in the field of accounting on your favorite social media websites. 

Accounting Today currently reaches over 468,000 professionals in the accounting business and targets CPAs and accounting firms of all sizes.

Digital Editions of each issue are also available to subscribers.

Top Contributors

Found in Accounting Today, you will find articles, tips, and editorials from some of the top professionals in the accounting industry. Get to know some of these contributors and learn where you can find more from them.

Daniel Hood:

Daniel Hood is the current editor in chief of not only Accounting Today, but also Tax Pro Today. He has been with Accounting Today since 1998, when he took the position of managing editor. Previously, he also performed as a business editor for the New York Daily News and for The Wall Street Journal Europe, as a production editor.

Roger Russell:

Roger Russell is the senior editor of Accounting Today. As a tax attorney, legal, and accounting journalist, he knows a wide variety of valuable information covering every tax, legal, and accounting matter you can think of.

Paul B. W. Miller:

Paul B. W. Miller is an Accounting professor at the University of Colorado. He is contributes to The Spirit of Accounting column in Accounting Today.

Paul R. Bahnson:

Paul R. Bahnson is an associate Accounting professor at Boise State University. Along with Paul B. W. Miller, he also contributes to The Spirit of Accounting column in Accounting Today.

Sean McCabe:

Sean McCabe serves currently as the senior editor of and has been a part of the Rolling Stone magazine and online department in the past. For DigBoston he was also a consistent contributor for the Arts and Entertainment sections. He graduated from Emerson College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Writing for TV and Film.

George G. Jones:

George G. Jones is a senior federal tax analyst and has been involved in the tax industry for more than 35 years. Jones is a co-author of the Tax Strategy column in Accounting Today. Additionally Jones is the managing editor at CCH in Washington.

L. Gary Boomer:

L. Gary Boomer the CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc., is known as one of the most authoritative people in the accounting industry. He is the primary contributor and author of the “Boomer’s Blueprint” in Accounting Today.

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