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Adweek Magazine is a weekly advertising trade publication, that was first published in 1978.

This magazine covers a variety of topics such as creativity, client-agency relationships, and new campaigns.

The publication, over time, has shifted away from commission-based agency and the Internet. However, Adweek also operates various blogs focusing on advertising and mass media industry.

Top Contributors

Chris Ariens:

Chris Ariens is the TV/Media editor for Adweek and the editorial director of the Adweek Blog Network. Chris Ariens spent seven years at MSNBC working as a producer, coordinating producer and executive producer. Before MSNBC, he worked as a producer in local TV news.

Micheal Burgi:

Michael Burgi is the featured editor for Adweek. Michael Burgi is a seasoned communications and editorial professional and has more than 30 years of experience covering media, advertising, and content. Burgi was the editor-in-chief of Mediaweek until 2010 and has worked at Inside Media and Channels magazines. He has hosted media conferences and had numerous TV appearances on Good Morning America, CNBC, HLN and Fox News.

Tony Case:

Tony Case is the executive editor for Adweek. Tony Case is a New York-based journalist that has covered topics such as the convergence of media, marketing, technology and the culture. He appears regularly as a brand marketing expert on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC and elsewhere. Case’s work has been cited in publications such as The Nation, New York Magazine, The New York Post and Mashable.

James Cooper:

James Cooper is the editorial director for Adweek. James Cooper oversees all of the print and digital editorial functions at Adweek. Before joining Adweek, Cooper was the programming editor at Cablevision Magazine and a staff writer at Broadcasting & Cable.

Lisa Granatstein:

Lisa Granatstein is the editor for Adweek. Before Adweek, Lisa Granatstein was the editorial director of Mochila, an early-stage native content and marketing platform. Earlier, she spent nearly a decade covering the magazine industry for Mediaweek and was a reporter for Time magazine and an associate editor of its technology spinoff Time Digital. Granatstein has appeared on numerous news and entertainment outlets, such as the Today Show, Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, and also CNN, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

David Griner:

David Griner is the digital managing editor for Adweek. He oversees Adweek’s growing online news operation and the Adweek Blog Network. Before Adweek, Griner was a longtime writer and contributing editor for Adweek’s popular week.

Christopher Heine:

Christopher Heine is a digital editor for Adweek. Christopher Heine joined Adweek in 2012 and has covered the intersection of tech and marketing.

Tim Nudd:

Tim Nudd is the creative editor for Adweek. He has contributed to the magazine since 1997. He leads all creative coverage for the print edition and the website. Nudd is a contributing writer at People magazine and has written for the Village Voice, The Onion and Life magazine.

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