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The Africa and Middle East Textiles Magazine provides executives, officials, and workmen with insightful information about the textile industry. Concerns within the businesses are broken down and delivered with guidelines and rules affecting the developments and businesses.

Targeted very carefully and thoughtfully towards those specifically having a very influential role in the industry, this is a magazine you don’t want to pass up. The amount of major key points given is more than worth your money.

The magazine is widely known for their surface issues going deeper and further into the topic than ever imaginable. Every aspect of the career including country reports, new products, release dates, previews, special features, laws, and more are carefully and professionally written.

Africa and Middle East Textiles Magazine reviews new machinery and textile companies to ensure the best choice. Importers and exporters buy this magazine to heighten their knowledge of the African- Middle East relationship. The issues put buyers like you in close touch and communication with the sellers.

Top Contributors

Rhonita Patna:

Rhonita Patna is one of the editors for the Africa and Middle East Textiles Magazines. Previously she has worked at Deccan Chronicle and Times of India, where she edited, printed and rewrote content in order for the publication to prosper. She knows five languages with proficiency. Her special skills include magazines, editing, and content development.

Sindhuja Balaji:

Sindhuja Balaji is a deputy editor at Alain Charles Publishing. She received her education from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. She now works to develop content on magazines and websites that are wired back to Africa and the Middle East. She has been at the company for four months.

Ranga Nath:

Ranga Nath is a team leader for graphic design at Alain Charles Publishing. He was educated at B.E.L. College, which allows him the knowledge to come up with graphic solutions. He has had almost 10 years experience as a graphic artist, having a great work ethic and a positive attitude.

Kumar Swamy:

Kumar Swamy is a senior web designer at the publishing company. He is very proud of his self motivation and determination to finish work successfully everyday. One of the best parts of his day is working with a team on things greater to understand. A degree in computer science and experience with the publishing company makes him a great part of Alain.

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