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African Business Magazine is a monthly magazine that delivers reports on finance, money, and businesses. It brings featured financial stories to it’s subscribers and is a bestseller within the continent of Africa.

Along with the magazine’s content and award winning editing, it has built up a network to ensure business from more than just subscribers. Over half of the subscribers purchase the plan for over 5 years at a time to keep the news and advise coming every month.

The writers do in depth research and use the best strategies to deliver information about politics and worldwide business news to the public. Adequate ways to reach investors and special business leaders are given with little to no failure. The impact of the content is arranged by a group of professional editors and publishers.

Effective pictures and helpful books or websites are talked about in the issues as a form of contact and intelligence to the business world.

The magazine features business professionals who reside and work in Africa. They are willing and ready to help the world understand the networking and ties between Africa and the rest of the world.

With a subscription to the magazine you can learn what affects business and government and how these big business leaders deal with everything.

For over 32 years the publication has been reporting on issues such as Commercial Review, Business Travel, Commercial Vehicles, and Construction.

Experience working with successful partnerships and companies are accounted for, and the decision makers are impacted greatly by the scholarly articles included in the magazine.

Top Contributors

David Thomas:

David Thomas is a journalist with special interest in world affairs, including Africa. After graduating, he spent three months interning at The Cape Times in South Africa. He is a digital editor for African Business Magazine and contributes his world experience to the job. He is proficient in fact-checking, journalism, web content, and magazines.

Ogo Okafor:

Ogo Okafor is a marketing manager for magazines inlcluding African Business. She contributes to brand awareness and the advertisement of the magazine. Media Relations and Corporate Communications are her strongest attributes along with many more. She is interested in law, literature, and Africa.

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