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African Review of Business and Technology is a monthly magazine that targets the important decision makers, business leaders and government leaders. This includes any business leaders, CEO’s, and other key officials.

The magazine is also popular among managers of technical companies and GM’s. Alain Charles Publishing is a very successful publishing company, and the issues are distributed across the continent and further.

Anyone in business in Africa or in partnership with Africa would greatly benefit from the useful advise and guidelines the publication has to offer. In every issue, new news articles and information about the financial world or business management is written in an easy format for the consumers to read.

For anything having to do with African business, this is the go to magazine for you. Featured stories and experience from the experts are examined in every monthly issue.

The content in the magazine is written by professionals about issues regarding electric, water, business, money, transportation, oil, mining, quarrying, banking, travel, and international reports.

As you can tell, this magazine covers a variety of different subjects. The magazine covers guidelines to annual buyers and consumers and covers conferences. Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to gain new insight and knowledge. Subscribe today quickly and easy! Here are some of the topics covered.

  • Energy and Power: Power generation, renewables, transmission, oil and gas
  • Construction and Mining: Buildings, cement, machinery, excavation, quarrying, roads
  • Transport and Logistics: Aviation, logistics, rail, shipping, vehicles
  • Manufacturing: Engineering, industry, metal, water & environment, textiles
  • Finance: Banking, finance, economy, commodity
  • ICT: Banking software, enterprise software, mobile computing, printers, information, security

Find the event list and never miss out on a financial opportunity. The events are distributed in every issue, pertaining to business and technology. The locations include many different countries and are not limited to Africa and only Africa. One of the featured articles is about France’s investment in clean energy in the country of Africa. The company in France revealed their thoughts about spending money on the energy provided in Africa and how they are to go about that task properly. Another featured article on the website is about Tanzania’s deal with Japan to help with the road conditions. Major roads in the country will be constructed and engineered. More articles about the major news and important events in the business and technology world can be found by subscribing to African Review of Business and Technology Magazine. Subscribe now to read more!

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Andrew Croft:

Andrew Croft works as the editor for the African Review of Business and Technology Magazine. He also works as a publisher for infordiss. He went to the University of East London to earn a bachelor’s in Communications. He later went to the Open University to obtain a master’s in popular culture and the University of Leicester to earn a doctorate’s in history of art.


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