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Americas Quarterly Magazine is the top publication that covers political, business and cultural topics related to Latin America and the Western Hemisphere.

Join other top leaders and executives in reading all of the relevant and valuable information that this publication offers.

Stay up to date with the latest news, events and information relevant to the Latin American culture and region. Each issue showcases an analysis of public policy issues such as trade, security, immigration, and the environment. Every political and cultural topic that could be relevant to the Western Hemisphere is reported on.

The Americas Quarterly Publication is published by the AS/COA. Since 2007 the Americas Quarterly Magazine has been one of New York City’s award winning magazines. Not only can you receive the printed publication but there are also digital editions of the magazine. On their website you can follow the daily updates of exclusive articles, videos and blog posts. You can also download the Americas Quarterly app on your mobile device.

Top Contributors:

Brian Winter:

Brian Winter is currently the editor in chief of the Americas Quarterly Publication. He also serves as the VP for policy for the Americas Society/Council of the Americas. He is an author, analyst and columnist and has lots of knowledge regarding Latin America. In the past he has worked as a chief correspondent for Thomson Reuters, co-author of Why Soccer Matters and No Lost Causes. He was also a foreign editor for USA Today. He attended the University of Texas at Austin.

Stephen Handelman:

Stephen Handel works as the managing editor for the Americas Quarterly. He also is the executive director for The Crime Report and director for the Crime Report website. Prior experience includes a columnist for Time Magazine, a lecturer for Rutgers University, and a foreign correspondent for The Toronto Star. He went to Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government to earn his master’s degree in International Affairs and Public Policy.

Donald Partyka:

Donald Partyka is the creative director for the Americas Quarterly. He has experience designing and consulting for many different magazines. He graduating from the Rhode Island School of New York and is currently a professor at the City College of New York.

Alana Tummino:

Alana Tummino serves as the senior editor of the Americas Quarterly publication. She is also the director of policy for the Americas Society/Council of the Americas. She works mainly with reporting on the changing economy of Cuba.

Benjamin Russell:

Benjamin Russel is working as an editor for the Americas Quarterly Magazine and is policy manager for the Americas Society/Council of the Americas.