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The Antiques & Fine Art MagazineĀ is a publication that is written for a variety of different people, not only limited to the artists and collector. It is one of the leading resources for anyone interested in the fine arts and antiquing industry. This may include designers, students, interior designers, and more.

Every issue includes special features from very exclusive dealers who are professionals in their field. Access to all of the dealers is given and you will be directed to only the best and honest antique dealers. Whether it be be email or direct phone number, the dealers are easy to reach.

AFA aims to better the relationship between the buyers and the sellers. Through the magazine you can receive information about special deals and markdowns. You can receive special deals on the unique objects that are impossible to find anywhere else. Follow the guidelines to a happy and successful time collecting!

With a subscription you will learn all there is to know about the antique industry. You will find guidance as to how you can collect without being ripped off or overpriced for an object. Different types of books and authors are mentioned within the publication that hold expert advise aboutĀ the field.

The special editing team is a group of well knowledgeable individuals who have been trained in fine arts. They have worked within museums, auctions, the internet, antique markets, and within the publishing field. You are guaranteed the best opinions from this group of talented and unique individuals.

You won’t find these special features and collector items anywhere else! It has America’s leading support in galleries, pictures, dealer information, and more. Don’t miss out on the deals of a lifetime and the unique opportunities to receive and sell these cultural antiques.

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Johanna McBrien:

Johanna McBrien works as the editor in chief for the Antiques & Fine Art Magazine. McBrien also works as the editor in chief for She has many years of experience in the antique and fine art industry. Previously she worked as an appraiser for Brigitte Fletcher Associates, and instructor for Boston Architectural College, an editor for, a marketing associate for Historic New England and many more positions. She went to Boston University to get her bachelor’s degree in Art History and later went attended the Winterthur Program at the University of Delaware to obtain a master’s degree in American Material Culture.

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