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The Assisted Housing Alert Magazine is for those assisted housing professionals who want to keep up with all of the changing regulations, instructions, and obligations all in one place. This publication provides readers with reliable and updated information that you can count on to guide you in your career.

In the publication you can find information that will teach you to deal with difficult tenants, determine the cost of rent, come up with housing plans, stay away from legal issues, and more!

Everything you would need to know of public housing, you can find. Prepare yourself to successfully be in the housing business by equipping yourself with the knowledge that makes your job a lot easier and more secure. Become a housing hot shot and learn to make the most money through the tips and tricks that can be found in the magazine.

The Assisted Housing Alert publication specializes in reporting on things like changes to the HUD regulations, occupancy requirements, and the Fair housing & ADA rules.

Assisted Housing Alert Magazine is published by Eli Research and is one of over 60 publications written by the company.

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With a subscription to Assisted Housing Alert, you will increase your knowledge, learn to train staff, save money and make it past inspections and regulations.

If you are looking to grow yourself as an assisted housing professional, a subscription to this publication is a must!

Top Contributors

Candi Atkins:

Candi Atkins currently works as the consulting editor for the Assisted Housing Alert Magazine. She has over 25 years of experience in the assisted housing field and can be considered an expert. Since 1970 she has been running her own consulting company so you can be sure that she knows what she is doing. She also works as the president of a firm in Florida.

Kimberly Gilbert:

Kimberly Gilbert is the managing editor of the publication and has worked with aspects of business, newsletters and writing about topics such as public housing, technology, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Sarah Terry:

Sarah Terry is an editor for the Assisted Housing Alert Magazine. For just over 8 years, Terry has worked as a writer and editor. She has covered a wide number of topics like finance, law and litigation, and housing.