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Beauty Launchpad Magazine includes all the new and buzzing styles and fashion icons you see in the world today. This magazine is for anyone in the cosmetology industry or for those who own beauty or makeup salons.

The newest products and hairstyles are displayed in a creative and modern way to grasp your attention. Learn how to create the perfect curls and the longest lasting color through the articles found in the publication.

The best products can be ordered for cosmetology schools or salons. Get the best, must-have beauty products along with the knowledge of any news that might be going on in the industry.

Everyone loves the hairstyles and makeup styles of the celebrities. You like the way that cat eye looks? Learn how to do it yourself and be informed of the greatest products to use to be powerfully beautiful. By learning the techniques, customers will walk away feeling more confident than ever.

Get the look everyone has been dying to try out through Beauty Launchpad Magazine. In this magazine, you’ll find reviews for nail products, hair products, skin products, makeup and more. You’ll be able to read what the professionals say about certain products and receive the best advice about what products might be best for you.

There are a wide variety of special issues such as men’s issues, holiday issues, spring and fall trends, throwback issues, modern issues and more.

Top Contributors

Amy Dodds:

Amy Dodds is the executive editor for Beauty Launchpad Magazine. She received her education from California State University-Northridge to earn a degree in English with honors. Dodds has climbed her way up the totem pole at Creative Age Publications going from associate editor, to managing editor, and now to executive editor. She has spent over 10 years working in the the publishing industry. With experience in website redesign and overseeing magazines, her degree is being put to work with her mind while editing Beauty Launchpad Magazine.

Alyson Osterman-Kerr:

Alyson Osterman-Kerr is Beauty Launchpad’s managing editor. She has a lot of experience in dealing with messy hair and has found Beauty Launchpad very helpful in keeping the frizz down. Not only does she have a passion in the beauty industry but also in culture, national geographic, and fitness articles. 

Angie Reiber:

Angie Reiber is Beauty Launchpad’s Assistant Editor. She was involved in Watson Design Group as a freelancer. Her career climb started out as receptionist, then to a retail advisor, to a salon manager and finally found herself as the assistant editor of Beauty Launchpad Magazine.

Lizzie Sherman:

Lizzie Sherman is Beauty Launchpad’s Senior Web Editor. She has a passion for the web and gets very involved in the digital beauty world of the web. She is a follower of the modern yet unique fads of the industry and sets off the business. Along with her career in editing, she is also a music producer.

Nicole Liddicote:

Nicole Liddicote is Beauty Launchpad’s web editor. She has a normal adult life and spends much of her time with her soon to be husband. She was educated at the University of California. Nicole has also worked for Force Change and LiveDapper. 

Stephanie Lavery:

Stephanie Lavery is the editorial director at Beauty Launchpad as well as editor in chief at Nail It, and executive director at NAILPRO magazine. Her experience as an editor in the beauty and nail industry has gained her much respect. Her education comes from Boston University and Syracuse University.  She has a passion for the nail industry.

Mantas Andri:

Beauty Launchpad’s web developer is Mantas Andri. Mantas owns a website named, which shows his web designs and personal portfolio. His dedication to his work brings passion to Creative Age Publications and his knowledge in designing the websites brings customers from all different realms.

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