BodyShop Business Magazine



The BodyShop Business Magazine is a publication that appeals to those in the collision repair industry. Professionals in the industry look to this magazine to get the latest on upcoming conferences, news stories and updates to the industry. Body shop business owners find the information and advice found within the magazine very valuable in running a successful business.

In the magazine you can find articles reporting on ways to run your body shop, the latest trends in the market, and popular products in the industry. BSB hopes to help body shop owners increase profit, efficiency and the quality of their repairs.

Not only can collision repair professionals find quality content in the magazine, but also online. To get even more information than the printed publication offers you can additionally subscribe to online newsletters and use the resources available to you on the web.

Some featured articles may include topics like how to stay safe in the industry, how to manage customers, and different business techniques you can use.

Top Contributors

Jason Stahl:

Jason Stahl currently works as the editor for the BodyShop Business Magazine. For just over 10 years Stahl has been reporting on news and information relating to bodyshop repair. With nearly 20 years of experience in editing he is active in the industry and is involved in many different committees and organizations. Before working for BSB, Stahl worked as a managing editor for Landscape Management (Advanstar Communications) and as an associate editor for the West Life newspaper (Douthit Communications). He attended John Carroll University to earn his bachelor’s degree in English.

Alicia Lewis:

Alicia Lewis is an associate editor for the BodyShop Business publication. She holds a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism and fashion merchandising from Kent State University. She has past experience working for the Kent State Beacon Journal. Now she is responsible for publishing daily posts to the BodyShop Business online website, sending out email newsletters, maintaining social media and editing and writing for both the printed and online publication. Additionally, Lewis presenty works as a Contributor for Savor Magazine and a fashion blogger and founder of The Tree’s Roots. Prior to working for BSB she worked as an intern for Pretty Pear Bride, a fashion writer and reporter for many different publications.

Mitch Becker:

Mitch Becker works for the BodyShop Business Magazine as a contributing editor. Mitch Becker also works as a technical instructor for the body shop, ABRA Auto Body and Glass.

Mark Clark:

Mark Clark is a contributing editor for the publication. Mark Clark is the owner of the Professional PBE Systems in Iowa. He is a known speaker and consultant in the auto body industry. He has worked for the BodyShop Business magazine as a contributing editor for nearly 26 years.

Mark Claypool:

Mark Claypool is a contributing editor for BSB Magazine. He is experienced in the marketing, automotive and web management industries. He is now the CEO of Optima Automotive who works in web design, SEO and social media services.