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Bottom Line Personal Magazine is a financial magazine targeting anyone who is challenged by the world’s changes and is interested in learning more about how to work with the world instead of against it.

You can receive inside exclusive information about everyday questions people have about life, including how to manage money and how to buy a home.

With a changing financial world and a thirst for more information on it, Bottom Line Personal Magazine offers intellectual advice on how to recognize and deal with the world’s pushing pressure. Sources worldwide are offered and written and presented accurately.

The content within the magazine is easy to understand and follow. The title of the publication contains the word “personal”, so it focuses on relationships and uplifting personal accounts in order to survive in the changing world.

Information is offered that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Everyday financial advice is given in order to build a stable financial life and avoid being ripped off.

Not only does this focus on money, but also on health, family, home, taxes, and retirement plans. The magazine is for people of all ages and can be applied to every aspect of personal life.

The magazine issues 24 magazines a year and is delivered Bi-Weekly. You will receive two magazines a month with enriching content to heighten personal life financially and morally.

Top Contributors

Marjory Abrams:

Marjory Abrams is a publisher and blogger for Bottom Line Personal. She is an amazing writer and she has her own blogs aside from Bottom Line Personal. One of her top skills is content development, heightening her job as a publisher. People have noticed that she takes full responsibility and with passion stays until her work is completed. She has a degree from Hamilton College wish focus in English and publishing.

Karen Astrid Larson:

Karen Astrid Larson is an editor for Bottom Line Personal Magazine. She has a wide range of skills in creativity, writing, new ideas, and editing. She has been an editor for three other magazines including Seventeen Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine, and Redbook Magazine. She has an English degree from Carleton University.

Kelli McGowan McCourt:

Kelli McGowan McCourt is the managing editor for Boardroom Publications. She has a graduates degree in business administration and has worked her way up to be the managing editor for Bottom Line Personal. Her previous jobs include Morgan Stanley, Boating Industry Magazine, and Book of the Month Club. 

Harry Berkowitz:

Harry Berkowitz has switched between working as a reporter and an editor, and currently is a personal finance editor for Bottom Line Personal Magazine. With an education in editing, his place at Boardroom is helpful for the company and he is a great attribute.

David Boyer:

David Boyer is a research editor for Boardroom. Residing in the greater New York City Area, he is a writer and a researcher. He handles contracts and deals with updating the article database. He was educated at Sarah Lawrence College and knows much about content development and fact checking.

Marilyn Knowlton:

Marilyn Knowlton is a research editor for Bottom Line Personal Magazine. She is also a contributing writer for Boardroom.

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