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The Business Women Scotland Magazine is aimed to praise the powerful women in Scotland.

Women too often get put under the radar, but some of the most powerful business people are women. Their achievements are recognized and brought to the worlds attention through these bi-monthly issues of Business Women Scotland Magazine.

Business is competitive, and women are more empowering than the world may believe them to be. These Scottish business women show the world that it is possible and it not hard to learn.

The magazine is also written not just for women, but for anyone who is thinking about starting up their own business. Informative articles and professional opinions are written in order to help people create a new and flourishing business.

Specific topics such as investment, training, banking, opportunities, accounting and more are broken down into in depth yet easy to read informative articles.

The business women in Scotland showoff their unique mindset and skills in order to showcase their talents and help the readers digest.

Business Women Scotland Magazine also includes things such as how to dress, business styles, and how to present yourself as powerful yet charming work professional. Every woman should know how to dress to impress while on the top notch jobs. In every issue, recipes and things that women would be interested in for off job hours is included. Subscribe now to see the amazing progression these amazing women have done.


The company hosts an awards night annually. The night is in celebration of the successes of Business Women Scotland’s work and contributors. They showcase their award winning work, by giving real life women awards for what they have accomplished through the help of the magazines content. They believe that all women who have shown their creativity, imagination, and intellect deserve to be recognized. These women are living proof that anything is possible.

Top Contributors

Lynne Kennedy:

Lynne Kennedy currently works for Business Women Scotland Ltd as the managing editor. For over 7 years she has been with the publication. Prior to working at Business Women Scotland, she was the editor of both Uptown Magazine and Homes & Interiors Scotland Magazine. She also has experience working as a freelance set designer for BBC Scotland and STV.

Cate Sutton:

Cate Sutton works in the design and production sector for Business Women Scotland Magazine. She also works for Bebe Design Ltd as the creative director. Her previous work experience includes working as a graphic designer for the University of Edinburgh School of Social and Political Science, the University of Stirling, the Scottish Borders Council and many other companies. She went to the Nene School of Art and Design, The University of Northampton to earn a diploma in graphic design.

Alyson Gray:

Alyson Gray works as the event manager for the Business Women Scotland Magazine. She focuses on planning live events and networking opportunities. Before working at Business Women Scotland, she worked as a senior account manager for Fast Track Scotland/ The Sports Business. She went to Edinburgh University to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science and management science.


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