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The college sports process might be one of the most difficult things you will ever go through. The amount of information thrown at you on the internet about this process can be uneasy and untrue. Subscribe to College Athletics and the Law Magazine and you will have the best information right in front of you every two weeks.

Through this publication you can find out details about getting in contact with college coaches instead of reading material on the internet that might not necessarily be accurate. A well devised plan can be made from the issues concerning university rules and guidelines to a successful recruiting process.

The NCAA has many requirements that need to be met and they are explained and examined throughout the magazine. The magazine includes many mental lessons and key skills needed to enhance your performance as a student athlete.

Travel safety procedures that a number of different universities are looked at and featured. The accident percentages of student athletes is higher than regular students, so some of the issues focus on information to help keep those students focused and safe while creating their future.

Everything you need to know about college sports and the laws surrounding it are in every issue! Don’t wait until it’s too late, subscribe now!

Top Contributors

Claudine McCarthy:

Claudine McCarthy is the editor for College Athletics and the Law Magazine. Her focus is to provide information and advise to athletic directors, students, and sports administrators. She does that through her consulting and her published work. She likes to stay connected to the sports world by staying closely tied to the experts around her. 

Elizabeth Alden:

Elizabeth Alden is a writer for College Athletics. She started a company named Alden & Associates Inc, with a focus in helping students in college sports. Prior, she was the president of the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Admin. She has a masters degree from University of Maryland in physical education.

Tricia Turley Brandenburg:

Tricia Brandenburg is a deputy director of athletics and provides keen information about the key processes that should be included in the magazine. She worked with the NCAA for the woman’s basketball association. She has had astounding experience in the sports world and provides powerful statements.

Maureen Harty:

Maureen Harty is an associate director and a top contributor for the magazine content. Formally she has been an athletics director for compliance, academic and student development, assistant athletics director, and athletic director for St. Mary’s College and Northeastern Illinois University. She was also a coach for many years. Knowing everything there is to know about the industry, her intelligence has earned her a spot as an expert in her field.

Jody Mooradian:

Jody Mooradian is an athletic director for Salve Regina University. She worked with the athletic director at Boston College and was a member of the Boston College athletic department. She was on many national sports committees and gained the proper knowledge and experience to meet the professional standard.

Timothy Neal:

Timothy Neal is a sports medicine consultant for TLN Consulting. He has had over 25 experience of Division 1 athletic training. He resides as a member of the New York Board of Athletic Training. In 2010 he was awarded and recognized as the most distinguished athletic trainer. His masters degree was obtained from Syracuse University.

John P. Sullivan:

John Sullivan is a psychologist for clinical sports. He has become an expert in mental training and the mentality of sports. He investigates the psychological side of sports entertainment. He has a high education in sports science and uses his expertise for consulting and advising the world.

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