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Communication Arts Magazine is a popular magazine that provides readers with information on graphic design and visual communications.

The publication originated back in in 1959 and has continued to grow over the years. The magazine covers these main topics: photography, advertising, illustration, graphic design, and more.

Their website is available for you to browse through past and current issues and has an incredible amount of images that will please any searching photographer. This magazine is a great option for anyone looking into the world of arts and graphic design.

Top Contributors

Garrick Webster:

Garrick Webster is a freelance journalist based in the United Kingdom. Webster is a graduate from Swansea University and Cardiff University. He specializes in editing, publishing, copywriting, web content, and content marketing. Webster wrote an article for Communication Arts entitled “Stranger and Stranger”, discussing the topic of the alcohol market.

Joe Shepter:

Joe Shepter is a specialist in marketing and advertising based in the New York City area. In the past, Shepter has worked as a copywriter and wrote as a ghostwriter. While publishing with Communication Arts, Shepter has also written for Adobe Inspire and Rockport Press. For the Communication Arts magazine, Shepter wrote numerous articles, including “The Rediscovery of Holograms” and “Assembly”, an article about visual effects.

Caitlin Dover:

Caitlin Dover is currently an editor at the Guggenheim Museum and lives in New York City. Dover graduated from from Sarah Lawrence College and the Bard Graduate Center. She specializes in publishing, editing, blogging, and college teaching. In the past, Dover has worked as a researcher, assistant editor, web editor, and a senior editor. One of the articles that Caitlin Dover wrote for Communication Arts is entitled “Out of the Office”, an article on the topic of business.

Julie Prendiville Roux:

Julie Prendiville Roux is involved in marketing and advertising with Handmade productions in the Los Angeles area. Roux specializes in graphic design, typography, integrated marketing, and copywriting. She wrote an article for Communication Arts titled “Matthew Turley: An Adventurous Photographer Reveals His Subject’s True Nature”.  

Rebecca Huval:

Rebecca Huval is the managing editor at Communication Arts Magazine and resides in San Francisco, California. Huval graduated from Northwestern University and Columbia University. In the past, she has worked as a freelance writer, reporter, teaching assistant, and a development coordinator. Huval specializes in creative writing, content marketing, and copywriting. Rebecca wrote an article for Communication Arts entitled “Pitch Interactive”, an article about talking about the art in statistics.

Patrick Coyne:

Patrick Coyne is the head editor and designer at Communication Arts Magazine and resides in the area of San Francisco Bay. Coyne graduated from the California College of Arts. He specializes in typography, advertising, and interactive media. In the past, Coyne has worked as a partner to the Patrick Coyne Stephanie Steyer Design Office and as an associate editor.

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