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Community Health Funding Report is a newsletter published bi-weekly that reports on sources of funding for various healthcare concerns. Their articles range from substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and minority health care to chronic illnesses, mental health and HIV/AIDS programs.

Also, the publication features activities of Congress and federal agencies. The online journal post announcements, interviews, advice columns, case studies and budget updates. Community Health Funding Report also reports on health care reform and model programs.

With a subscription, you can read all about successful techniques and strategies that have worked for other people when fundraising. The content within the publication aims to keep readers educated of the latest events and things that could change the way fundraising and funding has to be done.

Since the year of 1961 newsletters have been published and sent out by CD Publications.

This publication will definitely be useful to those who are looking to stay updated of all the news and information from Congress that pertains to funding. If you are someone who is interested in having access and to seeĀ opportunities from different federal, foundations and private organizations, this magazine is the one for you.

The Community Health Funding Report specializes in areas such as Children & Youth Funding Report, Native American Report, Private Grants Alerts, and more.

There have been people that rave on and on about the value of the Community Health Funding Report Magazine and how it has helped and benefitted them.

Tess Scannell said “Community Health Funding Report editor Dave Kittross really rocks! He sent me a 4-page rundown on funding possibilities that I consider my Bible and took the time to walk me through the website. All in all, I’m quite pleased with my investment in the service.”

Top Contributors

Mike Gerecht:

Mike Gerecht is the publisher for the Community Health Funding Report publication and has been in that position for over 31 years.

Chet Dembeck:

Chet Dembeck is the editor of the Community Health Funding Report publication.

David Kittross:

David Kittross has served as an editor for the Community Health Funding Report. He has experience writing and reporting on different foundation and federal grants in industries that relate to health, housing, education, etc. Kittross worked for a long while as the founding editor of the Federal Assistance and Foundation Monitor newsletter. Not only does he have experience writing about these topics, but he has dealt first hand with writing grant proposals.

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