Conflict Resolution Quarterly Magazine



Conflict Resolution Quarterly Magazine is a publication that focuses on relationships and conflict management.

Ranging from theory, research, and practice, this magazine has scholarly articles on how to more effectively handle situations but still in a professional way.

The impact of a third party on a conflict can make or break a person, company, or relationship. The process of conflict resolution is broken down, focusing on the behavior of which is handling the situation. The Conflict Resolution Magazine is published to help readers to find a successful way of dealing with issues, problems and disagreements.

The magazine discusses many different resolution practices that are helpful such as dialogue, negotiation, finding facts, mediation, and more. You can also find breakdowns of different reactions or behavior that might occur when in a conflict.

It takes these kinds of conflicts into consideration in a way that the information is sensitive to society, culture, relations, rules and religion.

  • Domestic
  • Romantic
  • Organization
  • Community
  • Court
  • Health Care
  • International
  • Educational
  • Commercial

Research in this area can help develop theories and practices. All articles address all implications and problems relating to these theories addressed. Conflict Resolution Quarterly features the following:

  • Professional articles comprehending theories and current news
  • Implications and problems pertaining to the issues and presented
  • Training
  • Education
  • Research articles
  • Studies of resolution training
  • Summaries of research

Within the journal you can find many different types of featured articles such as State-of-the-Art Articles that give a better understanding of different theories and thoughts related to conflict practice, commentary sections, and training, research and education notes.

This journal is published by John Wiley & Sons. It is an authorized publication of the ACR or Association for Conflict Resolution.

Top Contributors

Susan S. Raines:

Susan S. Raines currently works as a professor at Kennesaw State University and is the editor of the Conflict Resolution Quarterly Publication. She has bot only taught and researched but she has helped to resolve and civilize over 10,000 different disputes and conflicts. She has come up with a number of programs and trained hundreds of mediators around the world. Over the years she has researched and taught about mediation processes and how to deal with conflict. By the International Association for Conflict Resolution she has been named as an Advanced Practitioner. She went to the University of Idaho to earn a master’s degree in political science and later went to Indiana University to obtain her Ph.D in public policy.