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Connected World is the magazine for you if you would like to learn more about your connected gadgets and devices and how they play an important role in your life. You can find just about every popular device, tool and electronic mentioned somewhere within the pages of Connected World magazine.

Everywhere we look we see technology around us, whether it’s in our cars, our homes, our businesses, cell phones, or personal gadgets. Connected World attempts to dig a little deeper into all of the new trends we may not see, and how technology affects our lives daily.

Connected World targets those gadget-loving individuals who have an interest in the latest and greatest tools this world has to offer. For all high-tech business professionals or even consumers who are merely interested, you will find yourself learning about technology in a whole new way.

Since 2010, Connected World has been providing readers every other month, with a variety of featured products, interesting articles, news, and opinions from technology experts.

You can look forward to 6 different issues a year that analyze all of the latest electronic trends that you can utilize to help your business. Whether you are a consumer or business executive, you will learn how to use technology in a way that is beneficial to you through the issues of Connected World Magazine.

Top Contributors

The staff at Connected World provides articles that share the latest fads in the device and technology world regularly. Connected World Magazine also features articles written by a wide variety of guest contributors.

Peggy Smedley:

In the world of media, Peggy Smedley is an established international speaker who educates all business professionals and consumers about every new technology. She is responsible for The Peggy Smedley Show and is currently a director of the Connected World magazine and the Constructech publication. She also holds her position of president at Specialty Publishing Company.

Tim Lindner:

Tim Lindner is currently on the editorial advisory board at Connected World Magazine. He has been with Connected World for nearly 4 years and before becoming apart of this magazine he has experience working in the Marines, holding some kind of managing position at companies like BD, GE, CBS Corporation, Sony and many more. He attended Manhattan College for 4 years to earn a degree in Psychology.

Laura Black:

For years Laura Black has been a writer for not only Connected World, but also Constructech magazine.Currently she holds the title of Associate Senior Editor for both of the magazines. She writes articles that help provide consumers and those in the business industry with information to help readers understand why technology is so important. She attended Bradley University to receive a Bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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