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Craft Business Magazine is every crafters dream come to life. Crafting is addicting, especially if you have new ideas and products every month to keep you busy. Craft Business Magazine is absolutely necessary for those who love to craft and incorporate crafting into their jobs.

Within the publication you can find inspiring ideas, products to add to your list and trends and strategies to keep stored in the back of your mind. Informatino on any crafting category from sewing, fashion, fabrics, painting, and more can be found in the magazine.

With a subscription to Craft Business Magazine you can keep up to date with new kinds of crafts and color schemes to go by. Stay informed on the industries latest news relating to crafts.

Subscribe today and not one issue will be missed. The magazine is delivered to your front door monthly with no extra cost. The magazine includes interviews from the professional artists as to what techniques work and which ones do not.

Retail strategies and new market news as well as learning the best tools, brushes, and products comes with every issue of the magazine.

Full reports are given about companies and retail artists who have been successful in the industry. Their helpful hints and tips are featured in almost every issue for your help and advise.

Get the magazine to receive the breaking news of the creative world and let the magic happen.

Top Contributors

Melissa Hyland:

Melissa Hyland is the acting editor for the magazine. She is an expert in beading and the art of making jewels. One of her strongest skill is writing as well as publishing. Her creativity contributes greatly to the magazine.

Clare Traverse:

Clare Traverse is the Account Manager for the Craft Business Magazine.

Helen Tudor:

Helen Tudor is currently the publishing director for the Craft Business Magazine.

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