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Database Marketing Magazine is a publication centered around data and insight-driven marketing sector.  This Glasgow-based trade publishing company is an independent publication that has won many awards. It is the oldest publication that covers the marketing and managing customers.

Database Marketing intelligently markets to customers through a myriad of channels to help solve a key challenge for businesses, catering to its customer database.

The magazine covers the leading edge of direct marketing and customer management and is a high quality source of information pertaining to new and older channels to customers. Aimed exclusively at data-focused marketing, each issue of the publication contains useful information to keep readers up to data in an ever-changing business.

Articles within the magazine are helping to bridge the gap between sales, marketing and IT.  Database Marketing caters to readers who work directly with various tools, techniques and data, and also readers who decide which systems and services best work for their company.

With information relevant to business to business or business to consumer, this publication holds practical information and reports that you could possibly incorporate into your business to stay updated in the business world.

Database Marketing circulates about 6,000 copies a month with over 20,000 active readers. This magazine is the only one of its kind that is printed in the UK.

In addition to the printed publication, you can find even more news, advertising and content on the Database Marketing website.

Top Contributors

Antony Begley:

Antony Begley is the managing editor and publisher for Database Marketing. He is also the managing director for 55 North Ltd and the editor and publisher of Scottish Local Retailer.    Begley won the PPA Scotland Business award for Professional Editor of the Year in 2007.  Antony Begley graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA in Marketing and French.

Kevin Scott:

Kevin Scott serves as the deputy editor for the DBM Magazine. He is also a senior consultant for both Aberdeen Market Intelligence and Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence. He has experience in marketing positions at AMR Research and Reebok. He attended the University of Rhode Island and Bentley College to earn a master’s in Marketing.

James Lawson:

James Lawson now works as a contributing editor for the Database Marketing Magazine. For over 17 years Lawson has worked as a journalist, editor and publisher. Database Marketing Magazine was founded in 1998 by James Lawson and it was in publication for a decade before he sold it and took on a freelance job. He is still a contributing editor for DBM so each month he still produces some articles and reviews for the publication.

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