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Day Spa Magazine was first launched in 1996 being the first magazine to focus on the spa industry. This magazine has focused on the business in a positive and relaxing way and has served the world as one of the leading magazines.

Written for spa professionals, the sole purpose of the content is to enrich the readers with experience and only the best information. 

The readers include managers or day spas, workers, wellness workers, skincare workers, and resort spas. The professionals gain knowledge and get informed on the latest products and techniques to use on their patients.

Very admissible information about everything from business and management, to touching every last muscle magically is offered by experts.

Day Spa is an easy read with content managed in a way that can be read quickly. Life is full of activities, family, and work, and adding in this magazine will make it ten times better so you can improve your skills and your business one word at a time.

Learn the legal information about the industry along with the importance of using certain products in the correct way. Let the products work their magic and get the best deals, only in the magazine! Subscribe now.

Top Contributors

Linda Kossoff:

Linda Kossoff has had over 20 years of experience in the editing world, and is currently the executive editor for Day Spa Magazine and many others. Her focus is in the health and beauty fields, and she has managed editing at Day Spa for about 17 years. Linda is a content developer and a published writer.

Lesley McCave:

Lesley McCave is the managing editor for Day Spa. She worked as an art director for many years before becoming a managing editor for the content, so she has insight on how things should look going into a magazine.

Christen Wilson:

Christen Wilson is the art director at Day Spa Magazine. She is very excited to be working for Day Spa after her last job at MedEsthetics. She enjoys traveling and running, but when she is inside she always has a book in her hand.

Rachel Kossman:

Rachel Kossman is the associate editor for Day Spa. She was born in LA, but moved to Boston for over 5 years where she received an education in journalism. Rachel has written several issues, articles, and publications. She spent over 6 months in South America, backpacking with no possessions. She has a vast imagination.

Madlen Martinez:

Madlen Martinez is a production manager for the magazine and runs the advertising for the beauty magazines for Creative Age Publishing.

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