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The Director Magazine targets top notch business makers, decision makers, and entrepreneurs. It is a valuable resourceĀ for any one of those buyers and can be highly sought after for advice.

The UK magazine is one of the best selling business and management magazines in the country. Each magazine includes interviews and features from successful people who have found their place in the world through hard work and passion for what they do. They give insight on what worked for them in the business world, and how they got to the top.

The UK has a growing industry and all the ways to get in and around that is included. With a circulation of 53,000, a massive amount of people read and learn from this subscription each year. The special content and informative articles are an easy and affordable read. The proper skills you need to preform the best in your business are included and broken down to digestible pattern and a teaching tone.

Learn all the transferable and profile skills you need to learn in order to be a successful entrepreneur or business man/woman. The newest news and updates on the industry comes with every issue and conveyed in an important tone. Never miss a beat with Director Magazine.

Top Contributors

Hannah Baker:

Hannah Baker now works as a deputy editor for Think Publishing Ltd. She previously spent time contributing to Director Magazine as a featured writer and an editorial assistant for Director Magazine. Prior to that she worked as a news writing and shorthand lecturer for News Associates.

Richard Dunnett:

Richard Dunnett serves as an associate editor for the Director Magazine.

Christian Koch:

Christian Koch contributes to the Director Magazine and is a seasoned journalist and editor who writes for some of the United Kingdom’s best selling magazines and publications. In addition to Director Magazine, he has also written for publications such as The Guardian, Glamour, Stylist and the Sunday Times.

Nick Scott:

Nick Scott is a freelance writer in the UK who contributes often to Director Magazine. For over 7 years he has been working independently and has written articles and content for Women’s Health Australia, The Rake, and Billionaire. Prior to becoming a freelance writer and editor he worked as editor in chief for The Rake, a writer and editor for FHM Australia, GQ Australia, and Esquire UK. He went to the University of the West of England to earn his bachelor’s in Literary Studies.

Behiye Hassan:

Behiye Hassan is the editorial manager at Director Magazine and has been in that position for a year. She worked her way up in the company from editorial assistant to manager. Before any work at Director Magazine she worked as a freelance journalist for Woman Magazine, an editorial assistant at Sky Magazine, an intern at Wedding Magazine and many more! She went to the University of Westminster and studied Media studies and Journalism.

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