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The Disability Compliance for Higher Education Magazine provides disability service providers with reader friendly articles to further educate them with techniques and special practices. The strategies are very helpful and informative.

This magazine will help you stay informed of any privacy laws or new policies that have come into place. For the disability service providers, accommodating the students is the number one task. This magazine will show you ways to meet all of the students needs through assistive technology.

The issues show you ways to avoid illegal practices that interfere with the individual’s rights and certain laws pertaining to the disabled. Avoid getting caught in an investigation against civil rights by reading the magazine and learning what you cannot do.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is strictly followed and the guidelines are built around it. The issues will help you understand the many things you are assigned to do as a caregiver and will help you learn to fully follow the laws according to Rehabilitation Act, and other laws such as education and anti discriminant. Stories and outcomes of court cases are given in order to give you a real life perspective of certain situations.

Interviews with leaders in the disability service industry are included in the issues of the Disability Compliance for Higher Education Magazine. For those of you educating yourself in the laws and techniques of caring for someone with a disability, this magazine is an excellent choice and will inform you with professional opinions and advice along with legal services and laws.

You certainly get what you paid for. The articles in the magazine will help fight a case in on your side and will be able to help you greatly in some situations. Instead of a new laws blowing up in your face and forcing you to change your ways in a matter of a day so it isn’t seen as illegal, learn the upcoming laws in order to prepare your practices as needed. Every subscriber gets free access to the content online in addition to the printed magazine.

Top Contributors

Joan Hope:

Joan Hope has been the magazine’s managing editor since 2014. She is a freelance journalist along with her experience in teaching at universities. She has over hundreds of publishings from her own writing. She has a Ph.D in English Literature with an education from Indiana University. She brings her skills in publishing to Disability Compliance for Higher Education Magazine.

Louise Bedrossian:

Louise Bedrossian is the magazines authors and one of the directors at the resource center. She has been working in the company for over 20 years and contributes much of her time to writing new and improved content for the subscribers to read. Her past experiences include professional jobs as a classroom instructor and vast work in disability services.

Stephanie Gaddy:

Stephanie Gaddy is an author and faculty member at higher education for over 20 years as well. She also is a teacher at Walden University and has taught various classes including special education, and developmental and educational psychology. She prefers to write data based articles and only the best content.

Aileen Gelpi:

Aileen Gelpi is a legal contributor and editor for higher education and many other companies. She summarizes cases for the magazine issues. Aileen has been practicing law since 2008 and has a bachelor’s degree in arts.

Elizabeth Hamblet:

Elizabeth Hamblet is a regular consultant and writer for higher education magazine. She has had experience as a specialist in post secondary disabilities for students who are trying to learn. She writes content on her specialty and speaks about kids with learning disabilities who are going off to college.

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