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Based in California, the Entrepreneur Magazine provides news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business.

Annually, the magazine publishes a list of their top 500 franchise companies, along with other lists and awards. Entrepreneur online was launched in 1987 and it includes other offers like features, contests, and other publications.

Entrepreneur Magazine features inspirational articles, stories of others’ successes and advice articles from professionals that have been in business for years. This magazine has everything that entrepreneurs of all ages can benefit from and utilize.

Top Contributors

Amy Cosper:

Amy Cosper is the Vice President of Entrepreneur Media Inc. and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. She is in charge of the content, concept, info graphics and strategy. She has previously worked as an editorial director and published for Primedia. She went to the University of Colorado Boulder to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and a Master’s in Art History, Italian and Humanities.

Ray Hennessey:

Ray Hennessey is the former editorial director of Entrepreneur.com. He writes about leadership, management, politics and economics. Prior to his work at Entrepreneur, he worked as the director of Business News for Fox Business Network, an editor for SmartMoney.com, a news editor for Dow Jones & Co., a managing editor for A.M. Best, and a reporter for The Times of Trenton. He attended the College of New Jersey to earn a bachelor’s in journalism.

Lauren Covello:

Lauren Covello is the editor of Fortune Venture for Fortune Magazine. He previously worked as the managing and deputy editor of Entrepreneur.com. Prior to any work with Entrepreneur, he worked as an editor and reporter for Fox Business Network and an assistant buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue. He went to New York University to earn a bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Catherine Clifford:

Catherine Clifford is a senior writer at Entrepreneur.com. She works to produce long and quality articles and pieces of content. Her previous work experience includes a staff writer for CNNMoney.com a freelance news assistant for CNN, and an intern and freelance writer for the New York Daily News. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics and art history from Columbia University.

Kim Lachance Shandrow:

Kim Lachance Shandrow is a senior writer and west coast editor for Entrepreneur.com. Her work has appeared in many different business publications, a few including: Time Magazine, Fortune, MCNBC.com, Yahoo! News, Young Entrepreneur, the International Business Times and more! Prior to work with Entrepreneur, she has worked as a writer for companies such as Today’s Child Magazine, HoneyColonyLLC, SAY Media, Government Technology, Ameba and a number of others. She went to the University of New Hampshire to earn a bachelor’s in English and Journalism.

Laura Entis:

Laura Entis is a staff writer and associate editor at Entrepreneur.com. She writes articles and content pieces that are related to technology and entrepreneurship. Currently she also writes for other publications such as The Guardian, Racked, ATTN and more. She attended Boston College to earn a bachelor’s in English and New York University to obtain a master’s in Journalism.

Geoff Weiss:

Geoff Weiss is a staff writer at Entrepreneur.com, covering digital media. He previously worked for Cosmetic World as an executive editor. He went to New York University to earn his bachelor’s in English.

Nina Zipkin:

Nina Zipkin is a staff reporter at Entrepreneur.com, where she covers media, tech, startups, culture and workplace trends. Prior to her job now, she worked as a freelance contributor for The Atlantic, and editorial interns for The Huffington Post and the New York Observer. She went to Bryn Mawr College to earn a bachelor’s degree in History, Media, Culture and Politics. She later went to Columbia University in New York City to earn herself a certificate of publishing.

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