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E&P is a monthly magazine based in California that covers the North American newspaper industry.  The publication calls itself “America’s Oldest Journal Covering the Newspaper Industry” and claims itself to be authoritative when covering all aspects of the newspaper industry, such as business, circulation, newsroom, technology, and online. 

The magazine has been published since1884 when The Journalist was started. Editor & Publisher Magazine launched in 1901 and then combined with The Journalist in 1907. In the winter of 2004, E&P changed from a weekly publication to a monthly publication. However, they also started improving their online publication to provide more breaking news and content on a regular basis.  

One of the main goals of the Editor and Publisher magazine is to give professionals in the newspaper industry tools and techniques to help them and their business in the future.

In every issue of the publication you can look for newspaper business trends and conversations, the latest in the digital publishing technology and information about production.

Some editorial features you could expect to see include “Latest Advertising Trends”, “Circulation Programs and Customer Service”, and “2016 EPPY Winners”.

The online publication, editorandpublisher.com, features cartoons and human interest stories.  Also, E&P has won several national awards.  

Instead of just receiving the printed magazine, take your subscription to the next level and also utilize the digital form of the publication, the website and the email newsletters.

Top Contributors

Jeff Fleming:

Jeff Fleming currently works as the editor in chief for the E&P Magazine. For over 32 years he has been the associate editor and publisher for Duncan McIntosh Co Inc. He attended San Diego State University-California State University to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing and Advertising.

Nu Yang:

Nu Yang works as the managing editor for the Editor and Publisher Magazine. During the years 2010-2013 she worked as the assistant editor for the online magazine, New Myths. She also worked as a staff writer for The Allegan County News.

Adreana Young:

Adreana Young is the editorial assistant for the E&P publication. She is in charge of writing short content pieces and short and long form features. She has been with Editor & Publisher for over a year and has previously worked as a freelance writer for Firebrand Media, a copy editor for TUSK Magazine, a featured editor for Daily Titan Newspaper and the editor in chief for the RamPage. She went to Victor Valley College to earn an associate’s degree in liberal sciences and then later went to California State University at Fullerton to obtain her bachelor’s in Communication and print journalism.



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