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Fast Company features editorials and articles written by some of the biggest business professionals to help readers imagine and develop the future of the business industry.

Within Fast Company Magazine you can find articles analyzing every business development that helps readers and business professionals get an idea of how to surpass normal business boundaries to transform the business industry.

Readers love how Fast Company magazine gets creative and provides how-to tips, strategies and solutions that are some that you can’t find anywhere else. Subscribers love the way Fast Company gets you to start thinking of how things will change and where the world is heading.

Not just for those professionals in business, but also for consumers, Fast Company Magazine helps anyone learn the ways of business and new trends in society.

Top Contributors

Noah Robischon:

Noah Robischon is the executive editor at Fast Company Magazine. Robischon is responsible for supervising all of the media and digital strategies for Fast Company. He has been with Fast Company for over 7 years and he has previously held editing positions at Gawker Media, Gizmodo, Evolved Media Network. He was also a freelance writer who wrote for New York 1 and Entertainment Weekly (Time Warner). He went to Antioch College and earned his bachelors in communications. He later went on to complete a masters degree in journalism from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

Marcus Baram:

Marcus Baram works as the senior news editor at Fast Company Magazine. He is in charge of overseeing news coverage for Fast Company. Prior to his job at Fast Company he worked as a deputy editor for Business Insider, a managing editor for the International Business Times, a senior editor for the Huffington Post, an associate news editor for the Wall Street Journal and many more! He went to Pomona College and earned his bachelors in Philosophy and English.

Austin Carr:

Austin Carr serves as a senior writer for Fast Company Magazine and has been in that position for more than 6 years. He primarily covers design and technology topics for the magazine. He attended Columbia University in New York.

John Brownlee:

John Brownlee works as a freelance writer and has been named a senior writer for Fast Company Magazine. His work can also be found in publications such as Wired, PopMech, Gizmodo, CNN and more!

J.J. McCorvey:

J.J. McCorvey works for Fast Company Magazine as a senior associate editor. He covers everything from business to technology. He has been with Fast Company for nearly 4 years and prior to his current job he worked as a reporter and editorial intern for Inc. Magazine, an online content producer for the Nation’s Restaurant News and an intern reporter for The Detroit News and The New York Times Institute. He went to Tuskegee University and earned his bachelors in English.

Anjali Mullany:

Anjali Mullany currently serves as the online editor of Fast Company Digital. She manages all of the operations for the Fast Company website. Before becoming the editor of Fast Company Digital she was a senior editor for Fast Company. She also worked editor positions at The New School and the New York Daily News. She went to the New York Film Academy to earn a diploma in filmmaking, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to earn a masters in creative writing and New York University to obtain a masters in Studio 20 New Media Journalism.

Jill Bernstein:

Jill Berstein currently works as the editorial director of Fast Company Magazine. She has held this position for close to 3 years. Before working for Fast Company she was an executive editor for Entertainment Weekly and a senior editor for Premiere Magazine. She went to Cornell University to obtain her bachelors degree in English Language and Literature/Letters.

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