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Readers crave information that Forbes has to offer in every issue. Many say that Forbes magazine contains well written and professional information that gets right down to the point, which appeals to every business executive. Some reviews mention that Forbes magazine doesn’t just write articles for their subscribers to read, they write them so that it might challenge you to think about what is being said in each article.

Forbes brings to its readers suggestions and recommendations to help not only you and your business, but also your personal life. Forbes offers reports and reviews on food, wine, health, real estate, and much more so that you can live a Forbes lifestyle.

Globally, Forbes reports on every business story they feel is important to their readers. It can be said with confidence that with Forbes, no story or news event is overlooked.

Top Contributors

Gordon Kelly:

Gordon Kelly, a successful independent technology journalist writes for many well known businesses such as Wired, The Next Web, Trusted Reviews, BBC, and Forbes. For 2 years he has been writing consistently for Forbes magazine. In the past, he has worked as a news editor for, a news editor for the University of Nottingham and a featured editor for the University of Essex. He attended the University of Essex to earn a bachelors degree in literature and the University of Nottingham obtaining a masters in literature. 

Liz Ryan:

Liz Ryan contributes to Forbes magazine by writing about the relationship between work and personal life. After being a part of Fortune 500 HR SVP for quite some time she expanded her position in the business industry and now contributes to many different business sources. Some of these sources includes:, Huffington Post, the Harvard Business Review, the Denver Post, Business Week, and LinkedIn.

Kurt Badenhausen:

Kurt Badenhausen is one of Forbes senior editors and concentrates primarily on sports business. He reports on, and profiles many famous athletes in addition to taking care of some of Forbes’ lists. After 3 years at Financial World magazine, Badenhausen became a part of the Forbes staff.

Kelly Phillips Erb:

Currently, Kelly Phillips Erb is the senior editor of Forbes and contributes to the Forbes staff by writing and covering everything tax related. Prior to working for Forbes, she worked as a contributing writer for Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine and she is the owner, writer and manager of taxgirl. She attended Meredith College to earn a bachelors in history and Temple University- James E. Beasley School of Law.

Jacquelyn Smith:

Jacquelyn Smith has written for the Forbes leadership channel on the Forbes website. She would cover every topic from careers and sales leadership to advertising. She currently works at Business Insider as the careers editor and has been there for nearly 2 years. She graduated from the University of Arizona earning a bachelors in journalism and she also obtained her masters in journalism from Hofstra University.

Susan Adams:

For 21 years Susan Adams has been with Forbes as the senior editor. She contributes by writing a weekly column full of advice for the online website and she writes articles about leadership and careers for both the online site and the print magazine. Prior to working at Forbes, she has held reporter positions at MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour and The American Lawyer. She attended Brown University to earn a bachelors in law and society and later obtained a masters in law from Yale Law School.

Zack O’Malley Greenburg:

Currently Zack O’Malley Greenburg works as a senior editor for Forbes magazine and has been there for just over 3 years. He contributes by writing about every music, media, and entertainment business related topic. His work has also made an appearance in publications such as The Washington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Sports Illustrated and many more! He attended Yale University to earn a bachelors in American Studies.

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