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Fortune Magazine looks at corporate issues, news related stories, events and information in America and allows those around the globe to read the latest business stories written by the staff at Fortune.

Fortune Magazine is known for their franchises, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Fortune magazine is rated above Forbes, CNBC, Wired, and Bloomberg for reaching an audience that contains prosperous and important decision makers. More than 14 million people worldwide follow Fortune Magazine in printed publications, online, and through social media.

Many subscribers say that Fortune magazine provides in depth articles and stories that cover pertinent topics that are helpful to them and their business. With a subscription to Fortune you can look forward to posts such as the 100 Best Companies to Work For, Fortune 500, Most Powerful Women in Business, the 2017 Investor’s Guide/ Best In Business 2016, etc.

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In 2015 Fortune Magazine has won numerous awards for a variety of different stories including: the SABEW award, the Deadline Club award, the NY Press Club award, the AAJA award and many more!

Top Contributors

Alan Murray:

Alan Murray is currently the editor of Fortune Magazine and has been there for almost 2 years. He is in charge of supervising the printed publication and the online website. Before becoming editor of Fortune, he served as the president of Pew Research Center, the deputy managing editor for the online division of the Wall Street Journal. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn a bachelors in English with highest honors. He later went on to graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science to earn a masters in economics. He is currently studying at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Kristen Bellstrom:

Kristen Bellstrom is presently working as a senior editor at Fortune. She is in charge of supervising the Broadsheet newsletter and editing the Most Powerful Women channel on the Fortune website. Prior to becoming an editor at Fortune, she was a senior editor for Money Magazine and a senior editor and staff writer for SmartMoney Magazine. She attended Duke University and Columbia University- Graduate School of Journalism.

Daniel Bentley:

Daniel Bentley is one of the editors for the Fortune website. He covers popular topics ranging from business to technology. Before becoming a digital editor for Fortune, he held editor positions for Circa 1605, Inc., and interned with and the Trinity Mirror Group PLC. He attended the University of Central Lancashire to receive a bachelors in journalism and studied political studies at the University of Leeds.

Stanley Bing:

Stanley Bing has been a columnist for Fortune magazine for 21 years. He is a well known author in the business industry who has written 12 different books. Since 1995 Stanley Bing has been writing for Fortune about business twice a month. His work has also been seen in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and The New York Times.

Scott Cendrowski:

Scott Cendrowski is currently writing for Fortune magazine, reporting on everything that has to do with China. Some of his latest articles include stories informing about different pressures that Western companies may have in China and the history of the Coca Cola business in China. Prior to working at Fortune he worked as a pulliam fellow for the Arizona Republic and an intern for the Bloomberg News. He attended the Michigan State University to earn a bachelors degree in Public Policy.

Scott DeCarlo:

Scott Decarlo is now working for Fortune magazine as the list editor and has been in that position for nearly 2 years. Before working as an editor at Fortune, he was an editor for Forbes Media for over 24 years. He attended Iona College to earn a bachelors in Finance. At Fortune, Scott DeCarlo supervises all of the lists at Fortune such as Fortune 500.

Barb Darrow:

Barb Darrow is a senior writer for Fortune magazine and has been there just shy of a year. She is an experienced writer who has worked as a senior writer for Gigaom and a senior news director for TechTarget. She attended the University of Vermont and earned her bachelors in political science and mass communications.

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