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Fund Strategy Magazine is a quick read for those learning about the changing market or how the economy is changing certain funds in the world. This magazine is written for retail investment experts and wealth managers to heighten their knowledge.

The industry is always changing and the funds are being highly affected by the changing world around them. Prices and money are being thrown around all over the place due to the climbing industries, don’t be one of the ones left behind. Stay on the up and up and learn all of the latest information and news in the economy and investing industries.

Opinions from the experts are published in the weekly issues of this magazine. The unique magazine offer includes advice on how to keep up with today’s market. The issues that are debated on in everyday funding life are explained and the sides are thoroughly detailed with the opinions from the professionals who have had much experience in the industry.

Get the latest news such as partnerships, retirements, bond holders and more. Many features such as opportunities in the emerging markets are published and all the questions you may have are asked and answered in this magazine.

Top Contributors

Laura Suter:

Laura Suter is an editor for Fund Strategy Magazine. Her previous employment includes editing for FundFire, Financial Times, and DirectNews. She was educated at the University of Sheffield in United Kingdom. Her specialties include business journalism, news writing, editing, and copywriting. She focuses heavily on magazines and is a great contributor of Fund Strategy Magazine.

Beth Brearley:

Beth Brearley is a senior reporter for Centaur Media. She graduated from the University of Reading and has been working for Fund Strategy Magazine for 4 years. Her past experience has included working for Creative PLus Publishing Limited and Incisive Media. She has worked as not only a reporter but an editor, and her main areas of profession include journalism and magazines.

Valentina Romeo:

Valentina Romeo is Centaur Media’s investment reporter. She was educated at University of Westminster. She has very strong skills in researching, editing, interviewing, and print magazines. She is multilingual and as an investment reporter, she reports on the fund market for Fund Strategy Magazine.

Paul Douglas:

Paul Douglas is Centaur Media’s Client relationship manager. He has worked a variety of jobs including sales manager, business development manager, advertising manager, and finally to his current place as a client relationship manager. He was been at Centaur Media for almost two years, and his experience in management brings insight to the company.

Deji Sodipe:

Deji Sodipe is Centaur Media’s digital content producer. He is a two time graduate with degrees in both philosophy and english. He is a social media consultant, and a content strategist. He is an expert at technology, internet, and media related work within the company.

Amanda Shaw:

Amanda Shaw is a Magazine Producer for Fund Strategy Magazine. She has skills in publishing, digital marketing, magazines, and digital media. She went from being a production assistant to a production manager, to a magazine producer for Fund Strategy. Her previous employers were Alchemy Media, and Quantum Business Media.

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