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The Funeral Service Times Magazine is directed at anyone directly or indirectly involved with the funeral services industry. Specifically directed for funeral directors throughout the UK, the magazine fits in line for the caterers and companies affiliated with it.

6,500 funeral directors throughout the country subscribe to this magazine each year, gaining insightful information about their profession and the unique set industry.  For any companies who want to provide the best funerals, this is the right magazine for you.

Learn how to deal with the management software and new and effective ways of directing large or small events. Get the latest news on the companies that will benefit you the most.

In the publication, you will find people advertising their products, and paying for space in the magazine, due to the competitiveness of the industry. The competitiveness allows great demonstrations of ideas for funeral directors to be inspired by in the future of the industry.

Mulberry Publications would like to reach evert funeral directors across the country and inform them of the latest trends, news, rules, and more. The organization running this company is out for their best interests and hopes that the funeral director benefits greatly from a subscription.

Through the Funeral Service Times, there are options available to you so that you can advertise your product or company to get in front of thousands of funeral directors across the globe.

About Mulberry Publishing Company

Mulberry Publications is an independent business, that publishes for a wide range of people and companies. They publish anything from magazines to directories to personal books. All of their publications are meant to be directed towards the business fields. The professional consulting that Mulberry does for their magazines and websites ensures only the best information. Making opportunities is one of the companies main aspirations in their work. Their magazines are some of the bestselling in their categories and have the highest circulation compared to its competition.

Top Contributors

Sara Cork:

Sara Cork currently works as an editor for Mulberry Publications. She is the editor for the Pet Gazette and the Funeral Service Times publications. She is responsible for producing high quality work, promoting the magazines on social media, writing an editor’s blog and more. Previously she has worked editor positions at Aceville Publications Ltd. She attended the University of East Anglia to earn a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Politics.

Domonique De Friez:

Domonique De Friez currently works as the editorial assistant for the Funeral Service Times. She also works with the Pet Gazette publication.


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